"what in the blood fucked protestant hell..."

"Ready to show what you can do, love? Kick ass and take names?"

"Time for Nameless!"

Though never a part of administration, Zack Buttling had taken advantage of the great joys of the expansive nature of RPBY to allow his beloved character Nameless to thrive. Throughout the way, for both Nameless and Zack, love was gained, lost, gained again and so on, but that's just part of the RPBY experience! Zack shows you don't need to be a major leader to enjoy this group to its fullest!

Backstory (RPBY) 

Deadly by nature, Zack was a soldier at first. And he fought for the opposing side! He had entered the group ready to attack, and attack he did some of the original RPBY members such as Nef and other soon to be friends by calling characters and the group "cancer". He spread hatred to the small space that was the original RWBY: TSGW group where it all began. Of course, throughout history there are wars between groups of people of different ideologies in which RPBY is no different! As feuds ensued between the side of freedom and the side of tradition, Zack was soon caught right in the middle as both sides harmed one another. Although a long time friend was on one side, a newly obtained love interest was on the other. As Zack internally battled himself, he grew more and more infatuated with RPBY.. in more ways than one!

He took over as RPBY's faithful member and has been accepted and stuck by this group ever since!


Zack has undergone several relationship changes throughout this group. Being immense confusion with his love interest's multiple personalities and accounts, he gained and lost many people in his life and love life. However, being poly, he always accepted the many loves and the single love he had.

Now, focusing on his betterment for those he loves, he primarily puts attention to his academics in order to achieve a successful future and improve on his personal well being.

Rp-wise, he has been the most active throughout the hiatus, still using rp as means to express himself and help his personal progression and expects to take a major part in the reboot of this group!

Relationships <3 

  1. Nef Amata Simul - love interest
  2. Kory Klimczak - love rival
  3. Arthur - mentee

Power to the Player 



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