After the events of Guy’s Night out, Shiro and Nur have bonded quite a bit. Shiro loses a bit of his nervousness and decides he is going to become Nur’s boyfriend. He hardly even asks Nur out, simply stating that he will take Nur somewhere nice and after that they will be boyfriends. Nur can’t really say not to that now can he? Well, Nur laughs it off, saying that it would be impossible to make him a committed boyfriend but he entertains him with a date and intense sex afterwards, Nur taking quite a bit from Shiro as well as others in Shiro’s system.

EXP Awarded

Shiro Schwarz - 40 EXP (Even though they have literally only interacted twice, Shiro says he’s extremely in love with Nur, showing that this is the kind of person that just falls easily and will probably hurt himself because of the way Nur is ;-; After this he fully believes that they are in a committed relationship with him and everyone in his systems.)

Neeru Nehanth (Nur) - 30 EXP (Nur has basically moved into a new relationship, but to him this isn’t serious and they’re not boyfriends, he was just having fun. Of course he expresses his emotions blatantly about being in a relationship with Shiro but he seems to keep going at it anyway. Nur’s fascination over movies is kind of cute at least and Nur has become a hell of a beast in bed, I wonder who helped him become that way ;).)


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