Grim confronts its chameleon snake boyfriend, Razz, (their relationship was paused throughout the entire ordeal with Cole), not really knowing who else to go to about all this confusion, but ends up feeling pressured to “love” and comfort him. Syn notices that Grim is just getting worse and decides to intervene so that Grim doesn’t have to feel more heartbroken about not being understood by its love interests.

EXP Awarded

Grim Ceifeiro - 30 EXP (Grim expresses a small bit of detail over its turmoil, but just ends up being fake again. At this point, it’s become clear that Grim has lost of what it means to be itself.)

Syn - 5 EXP (Syn just pops in to get Grim out of an uncomfortable situation. Maybe he cares after all?)


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