It’s time for Neela’s and Cerise’s date! Dawwwww Neela is such a cutie, with his little noises and little distracted expression and little nonsense! >w< It’s all super pleasant until Cerise begins to feel that Neela hasn’t really been paying attention to him, but this is mostly because they’re on an airship and Neela is afraid of heights. Neela doesn’t know how to express this, however, and it takes a while of frustration for Cerise to understand and take him to the restroom to calm him down, even though he kind of sucks at calming getting pretty loud actually with his almost threatening “SHHHHHH’S”. When they get to the bathroom, Neela collapses and cuddles Cerise’s legs for comfort, unintentionally rubbing him a certain way which can’t really be ignored by Cerise since he’s being so fucking cute. Therefore, Cerise unintentionally pushes Neela to continue but stops, afraid that this isn’t what Neela wants. In response, Neela is worried that he’s not good enough for Cerise which puts Cerise into a panic since he never wants to make anyone feel not good enough for him! With the misunderstanding cleared, they continue as Neela blows him in the cutest way possible. Although Cerise wants to fully enjoy it, he’s a bit worried since they’re in a public restroom and proceeds to finish off inside Neela, lifting him up doing so. The action of being lifted would have been insanely terrifying for Neela but since Cerise really eases into it, it somehow calms him and relieves him a bit of his fear of being off the ground. The sex was nice of course, but as it comes to an end, they have a very sweet time just hanging out with each other and shopping and accessorizing! Neeru starts to pull away from traditional Indian attire for clothing more suited for them! And they’re SO CUTE.

EXP Awarded

Neeru Nehanth - 140 EXP (This is the longest time frame that Neela has been out by himself! Significant information in immense detail is shared on what it means to be Neela and how he functions every time he is out as well as how being out impacts him. He reacts intensely to Cerise, but is shown that this isn’t something that he likes or can tolerate, which is why he is never out for long. But since Neela is out for the entirety of the date, it means that Cerise is doing something right, or maybe it’s just that it’s Cerise himself! He also drastically changes his and Neeru’s appearance, revealing that Neeru are indeed, so fucking cute!)

Cerise Moani - 120 EXP (To Cerise, this is a very fun time and honestly even though more of Neela is revealed, he doesn’t really put all this information about Neela stored for future reference. He is shown to not really understand Neela or react very positively to caring for him.)


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--Not Available--

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