One last ditch effort to save their relationship. But Grim just isn’t feeling itself anymore and Razz is sort of seeing this, offering to help, but everything just makes Grim sadder. Even the date itself wasn’t nice, going out to eat, but not feeling comfortable with the concept of eating, then getting mocked by the waitress and getting kicked out for looking weird. Grim retreats to its crossroads of dimensions with Razz, but Razz doesn’t seem able to understand, furthering Grim’s depression. Syn intervenes again to put an end to all this and the date is a bust.

EXP Awarded

Grim Ceifeiro - 45 EXP (Grim is really trying to have a good time, but expresses deep despair when life just becomes dull and not worth it anymore. It seems on a the verge of breaking throughout the entire roleplay.)

Syn - 5 EXP (Briefly entering to put an end to the date, Syn explains that it looked like they weren’t having much fun anyway.)


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