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Yami is a miscellaneous character played by Nef Amata Simul.
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STRENGTH 90 Having never participated in rigorous physical activity, Yami is more on the weak side to melee power and due to the nature of his fragile body would likely not be able to strengthen himself much.
ENDURANCE 666 His endurance is a rather powerful one to be able to manipulate another person, even if it’s just temporary.
PERCEPTION 4,000 What Yami has the most in is perception, but this is mostly angled towards awareness. Yami is extremely attune to his surroundings, being able to configure his own aura to match anyone he is nearby picking up on even the most subtle of details. His massive emotional awareness equates to a massive amount of emotional intellect.
AGILITY 200 Though more on the average side with speed, Yami is slightly above average with flexibility and smoothness with his movements.
CONSTITUTION 44 Unfortunately, Yami’s health is in a delicate state in which he also has very little defense.
TOTAL 5,000 /10,000


Semblance Unlocks



Yami (Japanese meaning “dark”); his body’s name is Kuroha Nero (“Kuro” meaning black in Japanese, “Nero” meaning black/dark in Latin); Noire previously (French for black); “Pet” username and “sex name” as well as original name.


Agender (demons do not utilize gender for identification purposes but instead morality), perceived as gender conforming traditional “Japanese” female (behaving and appearing in ways that are considered feminine as determined by Japanese culture using a very specific vocabulary and body language), assumes a “male gender” with he/him/his pronouns currently but in a previous life was a gender conforming female assuming a “female gender” with she/her/hers pronouns.


In this human body Yami has acquired, he is a king cobra faunus with very slight shine to his scales but are white/very subtle iridescent, blending nicely with his fair skin and are smooth, warm, and pleasant to touch. They trail up his sides and cover little areas on his cheeks. He cannot hiss easily as he does not have a snake tongue. In his family, the faunus traits are rather subtle.


A very soft, completely androgynous, and honorific-speech oriented Tokyo-bu accent to full politeness in Standard Japanese. While he uses all the female Japanese speech mannerisms and vocabulary with extreme politeness in his speech, in English he maintains his politeness without what English speakers would see as over the top as he mostly translates his politeness through body language instead.


Body type

Average on the slender side.


♡ + ⟐

There had never been anything unusual about Pet, ♡ was any other soft young demon with no intent to harm that was among the more “cute” side of the pet spectrum. Although all pets were valued, the ones who were more cute or on the opposite more vicious were typically snatched up quickly since when demons age, they tend to go more on side. Even for a cute little demon, Pet stood out in beauty and potential.


Well of course ♡’d be snatched up as soon as ♡ was put into the system, but every time ♡’d be returned. It was learned that ♡ had a lot of love to give which more evil demons needed and ♡ seemed to be a perfect match to anyone who wanted ♡, even if it was on the good side of the spectrum which more aura calibration abilities than average. Pet had gone through ♡ fair share of owners until it became time where ♡ wasn’t a newborn anymore but not really growing because ♡ couldn’t experience much with the little time given with ♡ and ♡ large number of masters, therefore, ♡ growth was stunted and ♡ began to lose some of the “newborn” charm that older demons loved. ♡ became less appealing and kept in collection instead with other young demons that when into the special housing care before being given as a pet. It was pretty rare to have a pet so unwanted and one that seemed so perfect as well. ♡ couldn’t necessarily get attached to other young demons since they left on an average basis. It was all rather unusual and couldn’t be explained so Pet was put away for now. Demons typically didn’t like to resolve many unusual matter in general anyway.

Then came ⟐.

Evil Eye was an extremely respected demon among the community and ⟐ went through pets like a heavy smoker goes through packs of cigarettes. Since, however, ⟐ went through a lot in Ora, ⟐s pets aged fairly quickly and never stayed long. Evil Eye needed a more stable pet and learned of this one whose growth was stunted. Pet would do. Of course, the young demon caretakers did not realize Evil Eye’s intentions to live longer as fearing death was taboo in their community. So, they were rather confused then Evil Eye wanted Pet, giving suggestions to stronger, larger, and more righteous pets for Evil Eye to suit the kind of morality ⟐ had. ⟐ would have none of that, however, ⟐ wanted Pet. With not really any dispute, maybe just a weird glance or two, Evil Eye was given Pet and Pet was after so long officially put into the system as Evil Eye’s.

Pet never knew a bliss so wonderful, ♡ could have sworn ♡ was in Higher World’s “heaven”. For everything that no one could appreciate about ♡ Evil Eye did.

Everything everyone ever said about the wickedness and absolute vile that was Evil Eye was so very true and Pet loved it. Pet never felt more at home than nestled in Evil Eye’s core, feeling all the malevolence that made ⟐ ⟐ made Pet feel more content than ever in ♡ entire life. Still, ♡s growth was stunted. But that made their dynamic together all the more nicer, Pet could maintain all of Evil Eye’s presence since Pet could only grow very little and Evil Eye no longer had to go through a new pet with each step ⟐ took.


♡ + ⟐

♡ + ⟐

All good things must come to an end. Although Pet expected to be Evil’s Eye pet until Evil Eye perished which from the looks of it was going to be soon no matter how much Pet tried to help, Evil Eye… had other plans. Pet extended Evil Eye’s life, sure. Much more than any other young demon who has come and gone in brief instances at times. It still wouldn’t delay the inevitable for long. It did, however, give Evil Eye enough time to travel through Ora and formulate a plan.

Evil Eye left Pet in a very specific pocket dimension, telling ♡ to wait for ⟐ until ⟐ returned. Pet was always one to obey orders, but this time ♡ was scared… Evil Eye would likely die away from ♡ for too long and Pet would be trapped in this pocket dimension for all of eternity all alone. Yet, there was no way Pet could disobey, so ♡ stayed…

Extremely anxious, Pet was alone, thinking that ♡ was just going to cease to exist altogether.

But then ⟐? Reappeared? And it hasn’t been very long at all! But... ⟐? “⟐?” ♡ asked.

“⟐” the new being replied, “Kaiba” It said instead, using a language from Ora, “Noire” the being said to Pet who was now renamed Noire who was now given she/her/hers pronouns to use.

In that moment, Noire understood. Everything, it all came crashing down into place. All of ⟐’s actions, intentions, thoughts, plans. It all came down to … This. But… ⟐!!! ⟐!!!!!!!! Don’t leave me… At least… not like this...

In that moment, the moment when Noire officially lost Evil Eye, the moment of betrayal, the moment of heartbreak, Noire could have never loved Evil Eye more.

Noire and Kaiba

In the system, Evil Eye’s death was never recorded, so Noire was still demonically “Pet” and belonged to Evil Eye.

But this wasn’t Evil Eye, yet when Kaiba ordered Noire to leave the pocket dimension with him, Noire could not refuse, feeling very conflicted about her loyalty.

Kaiba shared that he had existed for quite some time now and kept away from spiritual eyes. Noire was disgusted with his hiding and secrecy. She thought that if he wanted to do harm despite being a hybrid (which was one of the most taboo and unaccepted concepts of all the dimensions) he should at least own up to it and he would probably get some attention but also positive attention too from more evil beings across the multi dimensions. Kaiba revealed that it just wasn’t fun that way. Noire swallowed her disgust. There was no way for her to associate this joke with the esteemed Evil Eye. It was ridiculous how much one being could lie, it utterly shocked her. She was able to see through the lies for the most part and Kaiba, knowing this, was open with her about everything about him. But this didn’t change the fact that Noire had no respect for him.

They did not travel for long until Kaiba brought them to this rather plain physical world known as Chroniko. Seriously? Was there no end to this ridiculousness? Kaiba could manipulate the spatial platforms himself and he wants such a small world to live in? Kaiba revealed that most worlds he lived in for a short period of time were primarily just small tests to what extent he could go emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Since a lot of these worlds just didn’t really matter to higher beings, it was easy to ignore the massive losses of them.

So Noire and Kaiba lived there for a bit, Kaiba being able to alter himself to take on a fake physical form and once he did so, found a body so that Noire could possess and have as her own. Kaiba rarely used the Death Blade for its intended purposes but was able to snatch a pretty nice body for Noire and took the soul out of it with his Death Blade, then ordered Noire to take it and again, she couldn’t refuse him... 

Noire had never found living in Ora to be appealing before now.

Life seemed so petty to her before. Something only organic creatures could understand. Yet… being in a physical body gave her a different feeling of physical sensations. She and Kaiba lived out partially hiding but mostly out in the open and no one really questioned them since well, no one thought about all this spiritual stuff just saw that there were two new people around and didn’t look too into anything else. They found a place to live together and marveled at new sights and experiences, forming friendships even. It was laughable how insignificant it all was, yet… It all reminded Noire of her previous happiness and she forgot that she knew who Kaiba actually was and what he was going to do.

That’s why it came as such a shock when… Kaiba started to destroy the world bit by bit. Of course, Kaiba always took many factors into consideration before destroying worlds. Such as how it would affect the time and space continuum as a whole and making sure it would cause such a small and insignificant ripple that no one would ever notice. In her human body, Noire couldn’t see it coming and watched as everything she had grown attached to get destroyed. Before Kaiba could order Noire anything, Noire took a drastic breach in her personal protocol, making an attempt to stop Kaiba, begging to spare the small world. It was a very small move in all actuality, just a hold to the arm and a plea for the world’s existence.

Kaiba instantly killed her.

Noire → Yami

Well not her her. The body.

Noire was cast out from the dying world and was soon very lost. How did the bigger demons, Higher World beings, and reapers do this all? Ora was so vast and infinite… And this particularly was one of the smaller subsections of Ora… She thought about trying to find Kaiba or going back to Lower World entirely but could honestly not figure out a way to do either. Passing by a small world called Remnant, a young boy was conducting a call.

Normally demons would flock to these sorts of calls, but no one was picking up this one. Even though Noire was not a legitimate demon yet, she really had nothing else she could do and thought that maybe this could be some sort of ticket out of this state of being loss.

Yami picture

She entered the world and surprised the caller who had been calling apparently many times. His name was Kuroha and his family of king cobra faunus had originally lived in an island off of the southeast portion of the Mistral country in that world that was once considered a lush paradise. However, that was before industries came to the island and destroyed its habitat to set up factories that severely polluted the environment. Most of his family could do nothing other than work for the multi-millionaire companies that controlled everything about their home as they did not have much resources to leave quite yet nor had it in them to leave the only home they ever knew despite what had happened to it. Kuroha was born in this contaminated environment demonstrating signs of poor health since birth. Most of these signs however were dismissed or passed off as genetic coincidence since the nature of his predicament was very peculiar and couldn’t necessarily be fully defined by medical doctors. However, as the years continued and Kuroha grew older, he showed signs of being extremely frail and susceptible to disease in which the environment he was in only made things worse. Eventually, his mothers had no other choice than to gather as much money as they could to move to the mainland in search for proper medical treatment for Kuroha. Meanwhile, he had holding on by a string for quite a bit of time, only holding for the sake of his mothers as he couldn’t bear to leave them. Mistral directed them to Vale for special medical treatment but by the time he got there, it was too late and the doctors explained that they was just nothing they could do to save Kuroha in which his mothers just brought Kuroha do their new home in Vale, pre mourning and just did everything they could to have a few last happy moments with their son.

Kuroha had been calling for a demon to take his body before he died and potentially live on after him so that his mothers wouldn’t have to deal with his loss.

Noire was touched by all of this and wanted to help, she really did. But she explained that she wasn’t a real demon yet and she didn’t know what she could do.

Still, Kuroha pleaded and pleaded as his life was wearing thin and eventually Noire caved in and the two made a pact before death (well, The Grim Reaper actually) took Kuroha away.

Maybe it was this newfound demonic energy, or maybe it’s just that spiritually Kuroha had been dying for quite some time not allowing his body to save itself. But when Noire entered Kuroha’s body and the original Kuroha was taken, they should massive recovery in regards to the health of the body. Previously bed-ridden, they could now walk (albeit with a bit of difficulty) and looked more alive, more energetic, more ready.

The deal had been to live out Kuroha’s life for him for the sake of his mothers, Oren and Midori, but upon entering the body, Noire found it rude to take Kuroha’s name like that, but also wanted to let go of their past.

They renamed themselves “Yami” in respect to the body’s culture and assumed he/him/his pronouns to make it easier on Kuroha’s (now his) mothers.

Oren and Midori were just elated to have their “son” get so much better, now taking medicine, going to physical therapy, and although it took a bit of time, nearly fully recuperate.

Yami mono

Yami himself was starting to grow rather attached to the loving mothers… He learned that Kuroha didn’t have much of a personality, honestly, but this was mostly because he was always so sick all the time and hardly had any chance to grow. This was especially something Yami emphasized with… Even though Yami had a particularly soft type of personality in which it wouldn’t have been too much of a stretch to say as Yami recovered, he started to become more himself (in Oren and Midori’s eyes; they accepted Kuroha’s name change without any suspicion really), he was shown to be more emotional and loving, extremely pleasant in which any worries that Oren and Midori could have possibly had (but they didn’t), would have just been tossed away anyway.


Around the age of 16, he was able to go to official schooling. It was also around this time where Oren’s gun modification business was booming and they moved to Upper Class Vale so that Yami could attend a more elite secondary schooling. Oren and Midori did not want to push him to go to combat school, greatly fearing that they would be putting their son in danger.

Despite being fairly intelligent, a genius actually, Yami just attended school for a pretty short amount of time until eventually he just stopped going, mostly uncomfortable due to having to calibrate his aura to so many people which was strenuous. Despite it being somewhat difficult, Oren and Midori didn’t give Yami any hell about it and sort of just did everything they could so that he could be as happy as possible.

It was around this time where Yami was getting more into the internet life, taking on the username “Pet” and soon became a massive force in the gaming community. His mothers were always very supportive, making sure he always had top notch counsels, but he made sure he spent time with his mothers as they did small things to take care of him such as keeping track of his many medications and making his meals (and very cute ones too, which Yami really appreciated!!). They supported the sort of hikikomori gamer lifestyle Yami wanted for now since they were very afraid to push him for fear of putting his mental or physical health in risk or harm. Of course, Yami was not locked in his room all the time. He was a hikikomori in the sense that he had withdrawn from social life, but he maintained a very pleasant relationship with his mothers and sometimes, even, they’d go out to the arcade.

Yami sketch

Though Yami was beloved “Pet” online, he didn’t have any real life friends honestly as he normally never went out by himself without his mothers. He would talk to people for days as was extremely pleasant to chat with for how genuine he was and emotionally caring. For friends that did indeed live in Vale, he would on one instance or another, try and go meet up but immediately upon meeting up, after an extremely nice day with that person, they would never talk again. This was more than odd, it was heartbreaking, like the beginning of his life all over again. Why was he rejected? He was everything he was online and everything the other person would want! He made sure of it! But he learned that his online aesthetic was the only him that would never be rejected, so he began to steer away from having physical friends.

One night, however, he found it necessary to out for a stroll to relieve some emotional stirrups from online interactions. He honestly wasn’t looking for trouble or to even cause it, but a pimp was abusing one of their child workers (an androgynous boy of age 14) out near an alleyway in town. Due to Yami’s personal protocol, he couldn’t allow harm to another person occur while he could do something to stop it. Of course, he would have been more reluctant to involve himself if the sex worker was an adult as well, but since he was a young adolescent, Yami couldn’t ignore the danger the kid was in. Which is why he decided to intervene.

The pimp had a tight hold on the kid, whose name was Cerise, therefore Yami had to find a way to have the pimp let go of Cerise but also a way to have Cerise let go emotionally of the pimp and on the spot formulated an elaborate plan to win the game.

On his side, Yami bet his freedom for Cerise’s. That he would work for the pimp and that Cerise would be set free if Yami lost. He convinced the pimp that he was worth even more than a beautiful intersex florus by demonstrating Kuroha’s semblance (the semblance of the body that was developed before Yami entered it but never really used by Yami until now). Yami activated an intoxicating semblance, using Cerise as his demonstration as he made Cerise temporarily fall in love with him. He directly stated the words, “Forget about him, love ME,” as the favor portion of his semblance (on top of causing someone to fall in love with you, upon activation of this semblance, one favor can be asked as long as it does not involve loving Yami afterwards or involves harming another person or oneself) in which Yami purposefully requested that Cerise detach himself emotionally from his abusive pimp so that he wouldn’t be inclined to go back to him after this was done and through. Therefore, even if Yami lost, Cerise was fully safe. 

But Yami wasn’t planning on losing.

Since Yami can make anyone fall in love with him, he could be a major political ally, and to have that kind of power under him… The pimp decided to agree to this bet. A small florus was nothing compared to this powerful and intoxicating snake! If the pimp lost, he bet his whip, a signature to his industry in which losing the whip would mean losing his entire business.

A draw was unfavorable for both ends as both lost, in which Yami described this as a bad outcome as well since even though the pimp would have Yami, he would no longer have his industry.

Therefore game was simple: "If I play anything but paper, I loose = If I win over you, by throwing anything but paper, it's a draw overall. If we both play paper, it's also a draw."

Here's the possible outcomes for Yami (Yami is on the horizontal side while the pimp is the vertical):

Yami Rock + The pimp Rock = Yami Lose

Yami Scissors + The pimp Rock = Yami Lose

Yami Paper + The pimp Rock = Yami Wins

(only scenario for Yami to win, so if the pimp lays rock, yami has a 1/3 chance of winning and 2/3 chance of losing)

Yami Rock + The pimp Scissors = Draw

Yami Scissors + The pimp Scissors = Yami Lose 

Yami Paper + The pimp Scissors = Yami Lose 

(most dangerous scenario for Yami as there is no chance of winning, and a high 2/3 chance of losing with only a small 1/3 of a draw which is still a bad outcome)

Yami Rock + The pimp Paper = Yami Lose 

Yami Scissors +The pimp Paper = Draw 

Yami Paper + The pimp Paper = Draw

(though there is a small 1/3 chance for him to lose here, it's not really anything to be concerned about since the pimp playing paper would 2/3 result in a draw which is a bad outcome for both parties)

Therefore, the pimp needs to think. The only way for Yami to win is to play paper, but playing paper would be too risky for him since it would mean that there was 2/3 chance that he was going to definitely lose. Therefore, the pimp was convinced that Yami was going to instead of playing to win, playing to draw which was going to hurt the pimp almost as much as losing itself.

Here are the pimp’s possible outcomes:

Yami Rock + The pimp Rock = The pimp Win 

Yami Scissors + The pimp Rock = The pimp Win

Yami Paper + The pimp Rock = The pimp Lose

(funnest scenario to beat Yami. even though the stakes are higher here, there is the stronger 2/3 chance at winning with a 1/3 of losing but at least he would have beat Yami without any chance for a draw which is unfavorable for both parties)

Yami Rock + The pimp Scissors = Draw

Yami Scissors + The pimp Scissors = The pimp Win 

Yami Paper + The pimp Scissors = The pimp Win 

(the safest way to win for the pimp as there is no chance of losing but a strong 2/3 chance of winning, but it would be pretty pathetic for him to win this way without a challenge)

Yami Rock + The pimp Paper = The pimp win 

Yami Scissors +The pimp Paper = Draw 

Yami Paper + The pimp Paper = Draw

(a really small 1/3 chance of winning but since the stronger 2/3 outcome of a draw is scary and the chance of winning is not high, there is no way the pimp would play paper)

Considering everything, the funner way to win is to play rock, even though scissors was probably the safer option. Playing rock was the surefire way to beat Yami with a 2/3 of winning and was a bold move since he did have a 1/3 of losing. So that’s what he was going to do.

He fell right into Yami’s trap.

Yami was relying on the pimp’s boldness all along. He knew that the pimp would think this through but would decide the bold way to beat Yami, not the safe way. If the pimp threw scissors, there would have been no way for Yami to win. But since the pimp through rock, there was that 1/3 chance that he was going to win.

When the pimp threw rock, Yami threw paper in which as he promised, he would win by only playing paper. And he did win, by only playing paper.

Cerise was free, now Yami had to claim his prize, but as he made his way towards the pimp, it looked like he was about to be attacked!

The pimp grabbed Yami, demanding a rematch, a best two out of three, another game, anything!! Yami absolutely refused. The pimp had lost the game and that was the end of that, but the pimp refused to take the loss.

Since he saw both him and Cerise who was still near in immediate danger, Yami activated his semblance on the pimp, making the pimp fall in love with him so he would no longer want to harm him and would listen to him as he asked his favor, “Take your loss and forget my face. Tell the world of the amazing time you had with Pet.”

The pimp gave Yami the whip and when he left that night, he spread around his story of how Pet had given him an amazing time and then brought his industry to shambles.

A large community centered around this story, theorizing about Pet and what he had done to the pimp. He was hailed as some sort of savior by some while others viewed him as an even more dangerous force than the pimp who was going to create a dangerous sex monopoly. But all sexually fantasized Pet as some sort of sex legend, creating all sorts of stories (“fiction”) of things they had done with Pet or Pet has done with them.

Yami was shocked by the immense popularity that Pet received and he on his personal account was starting to turn from a simple gamer’s blog with close friends to an insane internet sensation with an unfathomable number of followers.

Stories continued, people created Pet personas, drew of Pet, fantasized about him, and Yami loved all this attention he was getting for Pet. Though there were similar “Pet” accounts to his, his was always the center of attention and the one people were convinced was the real Pet, ignoring all of his gaming history but focusing on their headcanons as to who “Pet” was.

A lot of his gamer friends broke ties with him because of this. Although he had been and was continuing to be an amazing friend, they felt that this popularity would get out of hand. Of course Yami never changed throughout all of this, but generally they felt uncomfortable associating Yami with this urban legend of sorts and weren’t sure if everything about “Pet” was Yami. Since Yami would never confirm or deny anything himself, just letting whatever stories continue, his former friends just disappeared from his life replaced by fans mostly or those who were so in love with the concept of “Pet” that they became a sort of one-sided friendship with Yami.

But Yami couldn’t stop now, he was loved and his stories were although completely false, gave a large number of people a sense of community and fun. What was the harm in that?

Well sometimes there was a bit of fighting over details since everything was all fiction, and occasionally some haters as there will be with anything in general. But for the most part it was just a normal internet urban legend people liked to talk about and Yami liked what was created for him and what he got from it. Although he felt sorry that his former gamer friends couldn’t be as comfortable being involved with him anymore, he enjoyed being this for a large number of people.

He maintained a couple of “Pets” one for the urban legend and another as a gamer. Most people didn’t associate Pet with gaming, so when he took another “Pet” username, he didn’t really attract any attention. Just another gamer with a quirky nickname. People he seldom interacted with in real life like the manager at his favorite arcade also never associated him with this “Pet” but instead as just a gamer, so the lives were always very distinct for him in which he could enjoy being his gamer self and keeping up this “Pet” front.

Of course the whole thing blew up for the first few months, then started to become gradually a backdrop for some people as popularity never lasts. Yami didn’t necessarily feel like he was ready to let go of it though, but he needed something the fuel the fire. Although he couldn’t have sex with someone, he could easily pretend to be “Pet” in real life, calibrating his aura to match the headcanon of what the person had in mind for who “Pet” would be. Then after a brief meet up (normally fans would be too excited about actually meeting THE Pet, who was EVERYTHING they ever expected him to be!!!!), he would activate his semblance to make the individual forget his face and give them a pleasing feeling that can be similar to the feeling right after sex through aura.

However, he would never actually have sex with anyone.

But the aura manipulation did cause the individual to fill in details about what may have happened between them in their mind and they could keep their headcanon for what “Pet” looked like.

This way every time it seemed like the whole “Pet” thing was at a standstill, he’d just spread around a bit of falseness to keep the flames going. It was just for now, he told himself, just to give him a sense of community since he couldn’t do it in real life (all of his rejections had taken their toll on him, but he was safe from rejection online at least and that’s where he wanted to feel the most sense of community). Of course, it wouldn’t last forever, he knew, but what’s the harm in enjoying it?

Life was going well, he had a community who adored him, mothers who adored him, games to play to keep his mind active, places like arcades to go to for a bit of real life social interaction, and overall a very nice sense of stability.

There was flavor and simplicity in his life which he absolutely loved. He felt that after everything he had been through, it was just so blissful to settle in.

But something shattered his tranquil lifestyle…

A strange entity who called himself the Reaper God of Time and Space messaged him and lured him into a meet up at a combat school…

The apparition knew that he was a demon and this scared Yami. He had never once in this life fully talked about being a demon. In passing, he would mention a couple of demonic aspects or mention something subtle about his past such as “I was abused once too…” or something similar, but never went as far as saying “I am an entity known as a demon that is not from this realm but I inhabit a body of a boy who died a while ago). Was… he going to be caught? But Yami on demonic terms didn’t do anything demonically wrong. Demons entered human bodies and lived as humans literally ALL the time, so why was a higher being contacting him IF THIS WAS EVEN A HIGHER BEING?!! Despite not wanting to think about his spiritual past of aspects, he needed answers. He didn’t realize that the one who had contacted was Syn, previously Kaiba.


Yami has a particular personal protocol which he typically follows, something that is not unusual for a young demon like him. Being extremely polite, he is generally good-natured and intends to cause no harm to others and only breaks personal protocol if someone is in danger. He knows how to calibrate his aura to be a perfect match for anyone, but keeps his energy levels to a pleasant low-key tone typically, adding to his unique alluring features. Being mostly well thought out in all his expressions, body language, and words, he is particularly pleasant to be near. He only has a bit of difficulty when he is around multiple people at once as he prefers to focus one at a time. Touching is an uncomfortable and often considered “rude” area for him, but normally he tries to let people touch him without making himself appear as though he is uncomfortable. He can only make physical contact with a person if they give him explicit permission to do so or if they are in danger or harming themselves. Being obedient in nature, he responds most to being ordered but can typically not cause harm to others.



A hikikomori NEET who is an internet sensation when it comes to gaming and the urban legend of “Pet” alike (separate). 


Former partial high school, but drop out. He shows a massive amount of emotional intellect, however.



Viper is a whip that has spikes decorated on it that look like scales. It has three tails with larger, kunai-like ends. Rather thick, it has a length of 17 feet and can be used for constricting as well as slashing.


Snake’s Charm. By holding a stare into someone’s eyes as he completes a full charm, he can make the individual regardless of their sexuality, gender, will power, or relationship status fall in love with him. The duration of time in which the effects last typically rely on the will power of the person and their ability to resist the other’s semblance. Of course, no one is able to break away immediately after the semblance is activated, but after a few minutes if their will is very strong they can break away and resist but the minimum time they are under the spell is 5 minutes. Most people last around 30 - 45 minute range. Effects are never long lasting and do not emotionally harm the individual placed under the spell under any circumstance. No one will permanently fall in love with Yami due to the activation of his semblance. His semblance is normally activated to prevent people from fighting him and to have people do stuff for him. During the intoxication, it is possible for Yami to ask for a favor as long as it does not involve breaking Yami’s personal protocol. His eyes turn red during activation of his semblance since the semblance is originally Kuroha’s.

Future Outlook

Intended Career

He never planned to follow through with a career, but after learning of his aunt’s connection with combat school, being the headmaster at Beacon, he may consider starting to work for a school. Though these steps will be rather small and if he works, he will mostly think of it as a temporary thing and a small one at that.

Character Development

There will likely be little change with Yami as he is a young demon whose growth is stunted. However, he may change his views on his personal protocol to allow for more independence and individuality, and allow himself to be a more default genuine person instead of someone who is catering to others. Trauma may also be incorporated into character development somewhat. This will all happen gradually, however.


Currently, the goal is to get Yami to his full demon form which is a small yellow-white fluffy and wispy snake-like fuzzbwall with three eyes!

Other Notes


Yami has extremely poor health and must keep up with taking a number of medications everyday to combat a number of diseases he is suffering with.

Oren and Midori

Yami absolutely loves his mothers and appreciate all the cute meals they make for him! As well as cute gifts! As a result, Yami has an affinity for cute things.


Yami has never learned to cook himself. His taste for foods have a bit of a variety as he tends to enjoy all sorts of flavor sensations, but he loves to eat things that look cute! Therefore, small finger foods, desserts and candies are particularly to his taste. Sushi is definitely one of his favorite things to eat as it looks cute with the colors, the size, the shape and taste wise, he loves raw fish. Rare meat is is favorite.


Season 0 (Pilot Season)

An Average Hikikomori - 120 EXP

  • Decides to take Syn’s offer to meet up at Beacon

The Scenery of Beacon.. Was Quite Nice Actually - 15 EXP

  • Meets up with his aunt who is the headmaster at Beacon and uploads a resume with her to get a job in a combat school (slightly unknowingly)

Meant No Harm - 40 EXP

  • Helps out Nameless and befriends him