“RPBY: Roleplays by You!” is a small, close knit community of roleplayers, very loosely using the RWBY universe as a backdrop to our roleplay! We work together to collaborate on stories and to expand the lore for the universe our group takes place in, with lore being stretched to the point where our group can only scarcely be considered a RWBY roleplay group anymore. Although we had our beginnings in RWBY, we like it this way, as it gives our group considerable room for creativity while still maintaining certain themes such as multi-form weapons, semblance abilities, the faunus race, and an academy setting.

Many members of our group use roleplay as both a fun creative activity but also a therapeutic one in a sense, to help them sort out personal feelings and personal problems. As a result, our group has a tendency to house many neurodivergent individuals, and we specifically request that all members, both neurodivergent and neurotypical, be supportive and tolerant towards one another. We’re a family of friends who come together to share stories as well as a positive environment, and we’d love to have you join us!

RPBY Wikia

Keeping track of so many characters and plots can be hard, which is why we’ve chosen to keep all of this organized through a Wikia! Here, we store all canon information for our group, so that everyone can be on the same page with what lore is canon and even incorporate said lore into their own stories. Creating a Wikia account so that you may edit and comment on pages is recommended, but of course is not required. Once a character is submitted, a character page is made for them, and the owner of the character can update said page with any new information if they see fit. Plots and lore are also added as they are developed through roleplay, and may also be edited as progress takes place. Roleplays themselves are stored as well, to preserve them if anything goes missing on the facebook group and to make them easy to look back on, since searching on the Wikia should be easier than on Facebook.

Getting Started

Once you’ve become a member of our group, it might be in your best interest to skim through the group to see what sort of posts and plots have been going on, and to get a feel for how our group functions! It is also recommended that you read through the Wikia little bit, reading at least the pages in the “RPBY System” category. Once you’ve done that, you should have a good enough idea of how our group works and enough knowledge about our lore to create a character of your own! Simply follow the template guidelines and post your character’s template into the group once you have finished writing it. Feel free to message any of our three admins for help if you need assistance with filling out the template or have any questions, our current admins are currently Kory Klimczak and Nef Amata Simul. . Pending templates must be approved by all admins; upon approval you can begin roleplaying!


Plots and subplots are how bigger, overarching stories that involve several characters are organized; they are basically synonymous to the concept of “stories” themselves, but by labeling a story as a plot it indicates that it has been pre-planned to an extent (of course not entirely, we don’t want to take away the spontaneous aspect to roleplay!) and will have a resolution. Plots and subplots garner more EXP than regular roleplays, with plots generally involving five or more characters while subplots usually involve only three or four. Plots also generally take a longer amount of time to complete as well as take more posts, but all of these factors are grey areas and are not definite qualifications.

Creating and executing a plot is a tremendous amount of fun, and we encourage all members to do so! However, note that plots do require admin approval so that they can be carried out in a fashion that aligns well with other plots that may be going on at the time, so that the group is not overwhelmed with too many plots at once, and so that we can make sure that the plot makes sense in terms of scale and content. Just message an admin with your idea, and we will work out the when and how with you! Subplots generally do not require admin approval, especially if the subplot will not be influencing too many other characters, such as a subplot where a character goes into a coma. Of course, subplots must be explained and make sense, for example a subplot where a character becomes a zombie without any explanation or context would not be okay. If you are unsure about whether your subplot is acceptable, don’t hesitate to message an admin!

EXP System

Our EXP system is different than most in that it’s literary and scenario based, awarding EXP for roleplay participation! By participating in plots your character will receive experience points that can be allocated as you see fit. Character development, plot development, and combat experience that occurs within casual role play threads warrant experience boosts as well, albeit smaller ones. We want EXP to be exactly that, experience points that properly represent the unique experiences your character has undergone. Skills and expansions upon your character's semblance abilities can be unlocked as EXP is gained. We hope that as your character gains more EXP throughout their time at Shade Academy, you can feel accomplished in how your character has grown and how far they've come!


There is no character limit, you are free to have as many characters as you like! You do not have to necessarily be all too "active" with your character either, and if you want to have them just pop in occasionally or introduce them solely for a single plot you have in mind that is fine as well. Think of the characters in our group like characters in a TV show or novel; some characters stick around for practically every episode while others may have a tendency to come and go, whatever makes sense for the story! We have this attitude towards characters to keep our member's creativity from being hindered or limited. However, please try to refrain from creating a character only to have them participate in one or two roleplays, never to be seen again. We want to make sure our characters matter and make a difference!

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