On one of Cerise’s usual rounds on getting his flower checked up by the medic professor, he discovers Zaffrea in a coma. He is very distraught and unable to handle the thought of losing her. The nun medical assistant student suggest they all pray to her so that she will be okay. However, Cerise doesn’t know what that means or how to do it, so the nun describes it like “talking” or “asking a friend a favor”. Greatly misunderstanding, Cerise thinks praying just means asking your friends for things, so he leans over to Zaffrea and asks her to do him a favor and wake up and if she does, he promises that he will try to want to change more for her since their relationship had grown to mean more to him and that he loves her.

EXP Awarded

Cerise Moani - 145 EXP (This is a significant moment when Cerise learns how to “pray” in a misinterpreted way, as this form of “praying” somewhat sticks with him after the ordeal. Although Zaffrea does not wake up, it is revealed that Cerise feels a bit more strongly about Zaffrea than anticipated and that he is willing to go further. The time away from her that is to follow may change this slightly and cause this emotional attachment to somewhat die down.)


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