This roleplay establishes the basement of the chapel at Beacon to be a massive threat with odd biohazards, mutated Grimm, and other forms of yet to be discovered nightmares. Mei Ming was a participant as the group explored the unknown and the dangers lurking within, but overusage of semblance during intercourse with Cerise lead to her being able to do little other than be emotionally supportive and presenting herself as Cole's kind and sweet girlfriend.

EXP Awarded

Mei Ming - 115 EXP (Despite Mei Ming doing little combat wise, it is the first time she is shown to be physically weak and incompetent. Powerless, she cannot even watch the people she “loves” battle and harm themselves as she is completely blind throughout this post, only getting in the way and displaying signs of distress over not being able to present herself as useful. This leads to internal struggle as she displays signs of actual caring.)

Cole Tarnung - 80 EXP (Being a part of some combat in the action portion of this plot, Cole underwent some disturbances as well that would be later thought of as some sort of infiltration of the mind by an entity found there. He is also cared for by Mei Ming.)


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