Timeline isn't necessarily strict, but roleplays loosely follow this order.

*Indicates that EXP needs to be assigned.

Season 0 (Pilot Season)

BST 2-1

1. (Single Event) This Was Tradition

2. (Gwen Torture Plot) One Person's Utopia is Another Person's Nightmare

3-6. (Sub Plot) Wasn't Used to Normal Friendships, Let Alone Relationships, Let Alone MARRIAGE!!!

7-9. (Sub Plot) It's Okay to Act on It

11. Setting up for Failure

12. (Site 13) (Grimm Parasite) Unethical Experiments

13. (Site 13) (Grimm Parasite) Shifted Her Attention

14. (Grimm Parasite) Emotions, Physical Violence and Hallucinations

15. (Grimm Parasite) Was I Close?

16-18. (Sub-Plot) My Beautiful Hair

19. (Single Event) The Day Has Finally Come

20. (XXXY) Strong Squeeze

21. (XXXY) Really Sensitive to Touch

22. It Frames Your Face Really Well!

23. I’m Gay!

24. No Harm Done

25-32. (Sub-Plot) Grim vs Ceara

33. (Gwen Torture Plot) A Perfect Society

34. (Gwen Torture Plot) I Changed

35. (Gwen Torture Plot) Ruling Side by Side

36. (Gwen Torture Plot) Even If You’re Lying… as Long as I’m Useful

37. (Gwen Torture Plot) Petal by Petal

38-40. (Sub-Plot) Not What You'd Expect After the Fact

42-50. (Sub-Plot) (Syn Tally)

51. Without a Word

52. You See This Harp String? That's How Straight I Am

53. (Single Event) A Volatile Bunch

54. (Sub-Plot) (No More Zaffrea) Shattered Fantasies

57. (Sub-Plot) Syn Tally (contin.)

61-62. (Sub-Plot) Not What You'd Expect After the Fact (contin.)

64. (Sub-Plot) (Time to Bring in Nameless!) (Syn Tally) (contin.) A Patch of Dark Grows from Light

65. (Sub-Plot) (Time to Bring in Nameless!) (contin.) No...These Are Just Beings Made to Look like Angels?

66. (Sub-Plot) (Time to Bring in Nameless!) (contin.) (Syn Tally) (contin.)They Were Hurt... but Now They're Better Again!

67. (Sub-Plot) (Syn Tally) (contin.) The Goodness of Their Horns

68. (Sub-Plot) (Time to Bring in Nameless!) (contin.) (Syn Tally) (contin.) Are You That Much of a Child?

69. (Sub-Plot) (Syn Tally) (contin.) Weakness Makes You Strong

70. (Sub-Plot) (Time to Bring in Nameless!) (contin.) Birth Place of Heroes

71-74. (Sub-Plot) (No More Zaffrea) (contin)

75. Looking for a Little More

76. (Single Event) A Guy’s Night Out

77. (XXXY) You Will Become My Boyfriend After This

78-79. Child of Grim and Nameless (Sub-Plot) Time to Bring in Nameless! (contin.)

80. (Time to Bring in Nameless!) (contin.) Checkmate

81. (Sub-Plot) Not What You'd Expect After the Fact (contin.) (MiniPlots)On Thin Ice

82. You Disgust Me

83. Proper Relationship with Someone?

84. So Damn Cute

85. (XXXY) You’re so Fucking Cute...!

86. (Sub-Plot) (No More Zaffrea) Everything is Healed

87. That Was Classic

88. (MiniPlots) The Real Hype

89. I Am Sorry if I Dragged You into This...

90. An Average Hikikomori

91. Did-Did He Just ... CLIMB up Here?

Season 0.5

1. A Flower Naked To the Eye

2-3. (Sub-Plot) Ship of the Century

4-11. (Sub-Plot) School Shenanigans

12-17. (Sub-Plot) Ship of the Century (contin.)

18. (Sub-Plot) Child of Grim and Nameless (contin.) Goodbye

Season 1

1. Making This All Worth It..?

2. Pink Was Never Really My Color

She Couldn't Stand Him

Permissible *

A Little Heart to Heart

Meant No Harm

You Will Be Required to Adapt

The Face of Death (Quite Literally)

Bigger and Better Things

Like It Was a Disney Film *

No Competition *

Were all of this planet's natives like this?! *