RPBY’s time system is loosely linked to the EXP system, in that EXP gained provides a loose idea of how much time has passed for your character. With 1,000 EXP symbolizing a year, a month is roughly 84 EXP just for your reference. By hooking EXP to time, each character can progress at their own pace, and our members can roleplay at whatever pace they have the time for as well.

But please keep in mind that this is not to be taken all too literally, and that the flow of time is more of something to be kept in the back of your mind, just as the flow of time is not exactly on your mind as you are watching a movie. It’s the events themselves that matter, not how much time has passed in between them!


In order to better organize plots, our group implements “seasons”! These are to be equivalent to the seasons in a TV show, in that they are just a way of organizing the episodes, or in our case roleplays and plots. The “Pilot Season” contains roleplays from the old roleplay group that this one stems from, just to clear up any confusion.