Why is Syn always up to no good? Or is he always up to actual good? Anyway, Syn destroys Grim’s small dark garden leaving Grim devastated, already in a fragile state. Nameless quickly jumps in to cheer Grim up and make the garden beautiful again using its time semblance. Grim is so happy that something that was once destroyed could be fixed that it kisses Nameless. The two start to fall in love.

EXP Awarded

Grim Ceifeiro - 125 EXP (There is a serious impact on Grim when it sees the flowers get fixed. Somehow it brings Grim closer to the thought of it being able to be better again someday. Grim is starting to move in a healthy way with Nameless.)

Nameless - 120 EXP (Nameless puts a bit of effort to fix the flowers but becomes very happy to be able to help Grim. Grim is becoming very special to Nameless.)

Syn - 100 EXP (Syn’s intentions and deliberations are as unclear as ever, but there is a confusing moment when Syn feels jealous at one point when Nameless and Grim have a moment, but what he is exactly jealous about is yet to be determined.)


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