“Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.” ~Langston Hughes

Two birds once shared a nest, being the closest of kin. One had such a cheery song, singing happily in the morning. Red breasts symbolized this quintessential early bird, being energetic towards the early end of winter and the beginning of spring. The other, a rich russet-and-gray, sings a stuttering, clattering song. White breast with bold streaks symbolizing one so well-known and familiar to all. These two were known by many in the kingdom of Vale where they happily spent their days, singing their songs and living care free.

One day, the two flew to the kingdom of Atlas, wanting to spread their wings for a moment and leave the nest. It was suppose to be a sort of vacation for the two, wanting to see their world for themselves. But the world was cruel to the two songbirds and had other plans for what was to be a relaxing, carefree trip.

While they were out exploring, the red breasted songbird became separated from her white breasted brother only to be captured by birds of prey. They took her far underground, hiding her away from the sun’s bright rays.

For years, she was trapped below the earth’s surface, longing to see her brother once more and return to their nest. She allowed her song to call out to him but she never heard his song in response. Her will slowly broke as her song slowly died as well. But, in a last ditch attempt, the young songbird tried to attack those who held her captive, but was soon overpowered.

A wolf demanded that she be kept in an icy prison to await her death at the wolf’s fangs, and so she was kept in an icy slumber as she awaited her fate.


But before the wolf could kill the now broken songbird, a snake took pity upon the poor thing and released her from her icy prison. He committed treason against the wolf in doing so and fled to plot in order to slay the wolf for good.

The songbird, however, flew to a sanctuary that she knew she would be safe. But she still longed to return home to her nest, to her brother. But she thought, that after so long, he had forgotten all about her, or assumed she was dead.

Little did she know, however, the her broken hearted brother was flying through all of Remnant, searching for her in order to bring her home.

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