Yami puts immense effort into visiting Beacon. He knows it will be extremely out of his comfort zone. At best he can be around a large group of people if it was for gaming purposes, occasionally pulling a random fan person to seduce them with his semblance and have that person share more details about his “ sex life”. This is different, however, the setting was not to his area and he had no idea how to begin to approach the one he was about to meet. He shows himself off as still rather calm and stylish, looking absolutely beautiful in a hip yet androgynous way, making it known that if he is going to be outside he needs to look his absolute best. As he sticks around the courtyard/entrance of the school, he meets up with a long lost family member. His aunt is the headmaster at Beacon and they share in their life stories. Yami finds that it is quite nice here actually and agrees to his aunt’s job opportunity, without realizing that the headmaster would not be guaranteeing putting him in a Beacon position, but just creating a resume for him with quite a bit of a strong recommendation letter and letting any professors out there pick him up if need be. This miscommunication occurred since the headmaster has her mind on other things such as her ill husband and unborn child in which she just did something without thinking all too much or taking Yami’s comfort into consideration or properly communicating with him what she would be doing. Their talks a pleasant and heartfelt however.

EXP Awarded

Yami Kuroha Nero - 15 EXP (Yami’s comfort levels are detailed as well as his connection to his family. He doesn’t share too much about himself but displays little quirks to his appearance which make the character charming. He also signed himself up for work, something that just wouldn’t have crossed his mind before. But since he values family intensely, he considers it a small bit more since he knows it would make his moms happy too so he allows the headmaster to do a bit of resume building for him.)

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