Some time has passed with Nameless and Grim settling into their relationship and they have some news: Grim is pregnant!

EXP Awarded

Grim Ceifeiro - 20 EXP (The roleplay was rather small, but provided some interesting information about Grim’s mental state over everything. It doesn’t seem all that recovered over the past events, and becomes frightened easily if Nameless isn’t around. Its thoughts on the child in its body, now having a traditional pregnancy that is accelerated due to its temporal manipulation are unknown, but mostly it just feels physically sick. It requests its best friend, the nun student to be the child’s godmother!)

Nameless - 15 EXP (Even though Grim seems very high maintenance with everything, Nameless seems to have an infinite amount of patience for it. He’s very happy about the pregnancy and is going out his way to make sure Girm and his future child are happy and healthy.)


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