It’s a humid day, looking like it was going to start pouring any second, but a group of friends were hanging out and Neela decides to join in. When it does start to rain, Nur switches in and mostly everyone is annoyed and disgusted with Nur’s appearance. The guy that Nur is crushing over (Nur forcibly kissed him during guy’s night out causing him to really hate the entire event) particularly shows hostility. So Nur does what he does best: he mocks his crush. But it wasn’t intentional! As he expects to get beat up as he’s been beat up by his crush before, Auric just up and leaves. Confused Nur goes after him and thoroughly apologizes, explaining he doesn’t know how to act sometimes and it’s all really difficult for him but he does care and he cares about him! Auric feels rather conflicted, always having viewed Nur as this troll who just wants to cause trouble, but he was pouring his heart out for him. He offers to go somewhere to get dry with Nur and they enter the back of the auditorium where Nur uses his semblance to dry them off a bit. They bond for a bit and talk things over, learning a bit more about each other. For once, Nur doesn’t find it all too necessary to be flirty or sexual.

EXP Awarded

Neeru Nehanth (Nur) (Neela) - 130 EXP (This is a significant moment for Nur, as he lets out his feelings to his crush but in doing so establishes a relationship that he feels doesn’t need to be physical. He’s honestly just more than elated to be his friend. A bit more of Nur is discovered through this post including the fact that he fully sees himself as a person now and is trying to become a better one.)

Auric Halcyon - 100 EXP (He appears to believe Nur is more of a human than he originally thought.)


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