After some time avoiding Cerise due to their confusing relationship and its respective drama, Zaffrea meets up with him again to talk about their relationship. At first she attempts to please him, but in her nervousness hurts him by squeezing his dick too hard! She heals his pain through direct contact which escalates into more than just a handjob. They sort things out afterwards and agree to pursue a relationship with one another, Cerise agreeing to take her feelings of monogamy into consideration and Zaffrea agreeing to be more open minded about his pleasure seeking needs. This is a major step for them as they settle into a happy relationship.

RP Repository Summary: It's been a few days since initiation, and Cerise is feeling lonely.

Zaffrea had been avoiding him...

EXP Awarded

Zaffrea Shanti - 160 EXP rewarded (Zaffrea changes some of the views she’s previously had over commitment and moves into a relationship that although is more casual than she would like, is still something new and exciting for her.)

Cerise Moani - 140 EXP rewarded (This is an extremely serious step in Cerise’s development. He realizes that adapting to this new environment will not be easy, but wants to give it a try with Zaffrea anyway.)


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