EXP Awarded


Nameless color

Nameless watched as the Lady pulled Irid from anon. He disappeared from Syn's grip, stepping forward and appeared before anon, grabbing his shirt and reared back his metallic arm. Knowing full well that the splitting would be a major drain on Anon, he fired his fist forward, making it connect with his jaw, letting anon go in the process. He slowly drew his katana, Ryūketsu no Yoru, out and held it to the side, letting the glow of the twisting and curling surrounding reflect of the black and red steel as it would awaited the taste of blood once more.

In this Realm, In Nameless' realm....He was in complete control. And there was no one who could deny him here.

Anon's Color

He laughed as he was hit, an attack definitely meant to break his jaw in his human form. He laughed. He laughed. He laughed.

Because sure, he'll play his game.

Syn color

.....Frowning Syn disappeared and reappeared in between Nameless and Anonymous. He seemed to be holding his scythe out and he smiled.

Nameless color

Chains appeared and wrapped around Anon, the spikes in the chains piercing his skin. Wrapped around his neck , his wrists, ankles, knees, elbows, chest and stomach. He teleported besides the man and pressed the blade to his thigh, pressing the blade in.

Syn color

....Yeah. thanks. For that. It was really. Really. Nice to have been forgotten. And to have died. I'm sorry...

Anon's Color

Laughing still at Syn's death, he could have sworn he'd have a better contender. "Sounds like someone stopped being fun to play with! Now that is quite a shame. Wouldn't you say?" Anonymous tilter his head towards Nameless before allowing the attack to mutilate his body. It appeared that he wasn't really there to begin with though and as he was "attacked", he had disappeared, after all it was still the second hour from the previous confrontation. Who new this would be so easy!

All that left was Nameless and a reminder that he had failed to see someone for who they truly were.

Nameless color

He smirked as he snapped his fingers, anon came back to him.

"This is my can't escape this helll..."

He grabbed anon and peirced his stomach with the katana before ripping it to the side, gutting the powerless being.

"Here...even gods are's time for you to die...."

He grabbed him by the throat and squeezed the wind pipe hard.

Anon's Color

Well, that's it then! See you next time.

Nameless color

Damn you

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