Shortly after the events of guy’s night out and after Nur’s date with Shiro, Cerise is feeling rather lonely. He needs some attention that only Neeru could give him, even if Mei Ming was back. He follows Nur around for a bit as he trains by himself, then after a while he can’t really take it anymore and goes up to Nur to kiss him which gets turned down. Although Nur doesn’t want to hurt Cerise, he’s not comfortable with a few things at the moment and prefers to kind of end things to avoid feeling more heartbroken in the future. Despite Cerise not really fully being in love with Nur, he’s still really heartbroken to have their physical relationship end like that even though it’s such an important part of their close bond and friendship. Neela switches in fully now and teaches Cerise how to use their weapon as they train for a bit, Neela not to shy about getting really hands on with Cerise who meanwhile is holding himself back to respect Nur’s wishes. But his touches, his voice, his attention… it’s all too much and Cerise slams Neela against the nearest wall to give him a rough and passionate make out session. Neela really can’t handle things like that but as usual doesn’t express this and it continues for a bit until Cerise starts to cry, thinking that Neeru don’t want him anymore leading Neela to comfort him and reassure him that he is loved so much by both of them and things would be sorted out surely because despite it all they were really happy to have Cerise and don’t want to hurt him. After a bit of reassurance, they decide to go on a date <3.

EXP Awarded

Neeru Nehanth - 140 EXP (Even people like Nur have their limits as Nur tries to break off their relationship despite his devotion for him. In the future this event will serve as a guide for Nur who never wants to do this to Cerise ever again. Neela reassures that both he and Nur would be more than willing to be anything for Cerise’s sake and can handle it. Neela’s feelings on Cerise are particularly revealed as well as some aspects to his dissociative features.)

Cerise Moani - 130 EXP (Cerise’s full feelings on Neeru are revealed in this post as Cerise is shown not to be too romantically attached but do in fact care passionately about Neeru, and can’t stand to be apart from them physically. It sets up a bit of a dynamic if they were to incorporate love on Cerise’s end due to how important and close their bond is. After Cerise is calmed, he feels much more calm.)


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