Those injured in the initial infiltration of the church basement manifested with nightmarish Grimm are being cared for, such as Mei Ming "caring" for Cole. Some show unusual psychological disturbances.

EXP Awarded

Mei Ming - 70 EXP (Mei Ming shows the extension of her caringness and compassion but maintains her true personality on the side. Her relationship with Cole becomes more defined.)

Cole Tarnung - 70 EXP (Experiencing not so good visions and thoughts of his caretaker, Cole is shown to be undergoing mental trouble.)


No aura

Cannaid had spent the night watching over Cole and Royce in the school infirmary,sometime during the night she had fallen asleep with her head rested on her folded on the side of the bed~

--Unavailable Content--

No aura

Cannaid blinks as she quickly pushed away as she becomes very frantic~ 

"Oh dear oh dear oh dear..." 

~she quickly gets up and takes out her scroll and calls mei~ 

--Rest of rp is unavailable--


--Not Available--