Immediately after Naming Ceremony, Nur is still fawning over Syn! He leaves Cerise and Zaffrea alone to go meet up with him but Cerise is a little anxious to be left alone with Zaffrea who seems very angry and upset. As soon as they are by themselves, Cerise tries to apologize and defend himself, offering to help each other out so that they can be happy still. Zaffrea, however, is not herself right now and will have none of it, yelling at Cerise for abusing her and hurting her even though she gave him her virginity which to her was practically sacred. She even up and slaps him! All this aggression causes Cerise to retaliate, revealing that he didn’t give a shit about virginity. With a cruel comment like that, anyone would be rather upset, but Zaffrea particularly loses it. Before he gets a chance to leave, Zaffrea forcibly grabs Cerise and slams him onto the nearest bed. If taking her virginity didn’t matter to him, then she could take anything she wanted from Cerise and it wouldn’t matter, so that’s what she was going to do. Even though he feels a little scared, he finds it really nice that Zaffrea is so aggressive because it reminds him of Mei Ming and is very submissive at first. Things escalate and Cerise can no longer ignore that this is Zaffrea and not Mei Ming. As he realizes this, he turns this into a more hate-fucking on both sides as they begin shoving each other around for control. Zaffrea is shattered at the event but makes up with Cerise.

EXP Awarded

Cerise Moani - 120 EXP (No offense or anything, but that comment about Zaffrea’s virginity was incredibly cruel of him. Although he’s trying and putting considerable effort into his relationship with Zaffrea, he is rather mean sometimes and insensitive. The event is very emotional for Cerise who tries to displace his feelings for Mei Ming onto Zaffrea. Although they make up in the end, both are unsure if things are going to be alright.)

Neeru Nehanth (Nur) - 5 EXP (Makes a really small appearance in the beginning but only to show that he’s moving on.)

Zaffrea Shanti - 150 EXP (In a sense, the event is like Zaffrea’s last fuse going on. After this she tries to kill herself but ends up in a coma instead.)


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