Shas'la Vorun S'en is a miscellaneous character played by Charley Millican.

Vorun Color


STRENGTH 500 tau aren't very adept to close combat except for Kais due to his many instances that it was required. She has standard martial arts training, and works out on a regular basis resulting in her being in good physical shape.
ENDURANCE 500 most of her protection results from her iridium armor plating just like kais's. Her semblance is more or less an emotion of extreme empathy.
PERCEPTION 650 all tau have good aim, they are trained to be good shots with their pulse weaponry. She tends to be a very good shot and doesn't miss often.
AGILITY 500 she isn't very fast but is quick enough for your run of the line warrior. She is competent at close combat, but has no actual experience in it.
CONSTITUTION 650 the armor she wears grants a lot of protection from nearly all ballistic weaponry the same as Kais. She can take a lot of punishment before she will give up and quit.
TOTAL 2,800 /10,000



Smooth yet clipped


she was put into the fire caste academy with her squad mate at the age of three, her specialty was one of caring for her comrades, disciplined and intelligent warrior. She has always had a soft spot for Kais, and as such volunteered for the mission to rescue Kais to complete her first mission after her trial by fire.


tends to have a grim sense of humor, though at heart is a romantic. Will defend her comrades to the death even if she can barely fight. She is tenacious, and a hard fighter. Has a thing for Kais but won't admit it.



Firewarrior Shas'la


Fire Academy



Pulse rifle, Pulse pistol, grenades.


giving everything she has to save her comrades.

Future Outlook

Character Development

since she has landed on the planet she has been injured and placed in healing stasis. Now she is healed fully and can resume her combat duties.

Intended Career

Fire Warrior


marry Kais and probably have a family.

Other Notes

as long as its with Kais now that she is here, she will follow his orders to the T.


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