Sapphire Oxford is a deceased miscellaneous character played by Cortnie Renee Cox.

“I told you, didn’t I Alice? I would come back as your angel.” ~ Sapphire Oxford
Sapphire's Color


STRENGTH ????? Varies
ENDURANCE ????? On amount
PERCEPTION ????? Of energy
AGILITY ????? Built
TOTAL ????? /10,000



She does not concern herself with her sexuality due to the fact that she is deceased.


Don't get Rika Angry01:07

Don't get Rika Angry


Digimon Tamers Sakuyamon's Best Moments06:46

Digimon Tamers Sakuyamon's Best Moments



Sapphire was the first of the tragic tales of the Oxford families. At the age of thirteen, she was diagnosed with Leukemia and her family struggled to find a cure. After two years of treatment, she was deemed cancer free. However, at the age of seventeen, she had a relapse and was put through treatment once again. One her younger sister’s fourth birthday, as she laid weak in her hospital bed, she told Alice that, no matter what happened, she would come back to act as her guardian angel. A week later, Sapphire passed away. But that is not where her story ends. She would return a year later as a spirit in order to watch over her younger sister. With the help of her older brother, Hunter, she was able to save Alice from Carmine Vigdis before the young girl could become a victim as well. She continues to stay at her sister’s side to this day.


Sapphire is kind and sweet. She always tries to see the good in people and in situations. She wants to do what is best for those she cares about and is protective of her family.



Guardian spirit of Alice Oxford


Home-schooled, Shade



She is a spirit. With enough energy, anything in the realm of the living is her weapon.


None. What use does she have for a semblance if she cannot use it as a ghost?

Future Outlook

Character Development

Remain at Alice’s side and eventually find peace knowing that Alice is happy and safe.

Intended Career

Like Hunter, she is a spirit. She can’t really have a career unless Guardian Spirit counts.


Keep Alice safe and make sure she grows up happily.

Other Notes

As she gains more energy, she tends to get stronger and manages to have the ability to manipulate things in the realm of the living. When she builds up a lot of energy, her voice tends to change.


Digimon Rika's Song02:12

Digimon Rika's Song


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