Here are some general tips for roleplaying! Little things like this can help expand the depth of your roleplay, and helps ensure the people you are roleplaying with are enjoying themselves too.

  • Read through the other character(s)’s wikia page before getting involved in a roleplay with them. Making incorrect assumptions because you didn’t read about them before hand can lead to frustrations for the both of you.
  • Have something in mind before you join a roleplay, or try to enter with an action or dialogue that is more than a simple “hello”. Bystander characters who don’t make too much of a difference to roleplay often end up watering it down more than anything.
  • Be courteous of other people’s rp style and pacing! Especially if you are in a roleplay with more than two people, it’s important to keep the other players in mind, as progressing the roleplay while other member(s) are left out because they are busy or still typing is rude and can create inconsistencies story wise in regards to the character’s lack of involvement.
  • Be mindful about how many members you allow into your roleplay. Roleplays with many members can be hard to coordinate in terms of everyone being online at once, and difficult in that so many characters doing so many things can lead to little to no actual direction.
  • Try not to control the feelings or actions of characters that do not belong to you, keeping the focus on your own character instead.
  • Write in whatever style comes most natural to you or is most fun for you, but literate styles that incorporate dialogue in quotation marks and narration for actions are encouraged. More literate styles often promote further insight into your characters thoughts, feelings, and intentions than a script style would, due to the way literate sentences are structured.