“I’m just a student trying to get by”  


If at any point there was a big red button that could have determined the take off of all the events that occurred up until RPBY and the launch of RPBY itself, Richard pressed it. He may not have built the rocket itself (or in this case, boat) or may not be piloting it, but he is a prominent engineer for it.


Race: Mixed Caucasian

Hair/Eyes: Brown/Blue

Appearance: A stud (a large-headed piece of metal that pierces and projects from a surface, especially for decoration)

Body type: Tall and slim

Schooling: High School Diploma, College - Electrical Engineering

Occupation: space dorito

Skills: Awesome friend, tem

Backstory (RPBY)

Richard may have been here since the beginning of the beginning of the beginning! It was his love for the RWBY show (the backdrop for lore in our universe) that encouraged his close high school friends, Kory and Nef to hop onto his space train into the cosmos with roleplay! Coming very far from his origins creatively, Richard started his roleplaying in the facebook roleplay group, Volume: OC, thus allowing Nef to get involved in the same group shortly thereafter meeting the other members that would all together form RWBY: The Second Great War (TSGW) with Richard being the one to press the “Create Group” button. His initial characters, Auric and Sable have stuck with him since then, undergoing massive progressions as characters from their smaller but still thoughtful beginnings. Though Richard was not fully apart of the war between groups (premature RPBY vs premature TNB), emotionally conflicted by the conflict between friends and simply wanting to make everyone happy. After some time and RPBY’s official creation, he made a decision to support his friends in RPBY as his true friends and wanting to fully emotionally invest himself there where RPBY in return gives him the friend support and the fun times of a close knit group. Now, he’s completely for our cause, knows RPBY inside and out, and is one of our major creative players.  


Richard is even easier to reach than Nef most of the time; he’s always on, just send him a message or call and he’ll much more often than not answer with a “hOI”!!! Being one of our most active members, Richard puts a lot of time, energy and love into the creative part of the group. He coordinates involving members in massive plot ideas, helping others with their plots and being a major friend in terms of RPBY support.

Relationships <3

Kory Klimczak-Simul - Close friend

Nef Amata Simul - Close friend

Arthur Klimczak-Simul – Close friend

Birdy Leisenswig (Silver) - Friend

Zack Buttling – Friend

Thaddeus Hardces Lau (Thad) – Friend

Cortnie Renee Cox – Starting Friend

Tanya Araceli Escobar – Acquainted

Power to the Player

Charisma/Leadership: High/Highest

Support/Friendship: High/Highest

Creativity level (Number of plots made/planning): Massive generational/seasonal/plots + normal character development

RP Speed: Nigh instant replies if sitting down to type, finishing rps in less than a week if others can rp

Characters: 7

Planned Characters: 3+ (2 villains, 1 supernatural/deities)

Maneuverability of characters: High maneuverability to play characters both separately and in couple/pair scenarios

Wiki work: Average


  1. Gwyn Stark
  2. Yín Arstat
  3. Siva Mako
  4. Kahkra
  5. Auric Halcyon
  6. Sable Midnight
  7. Iris Cobalia
  8. Pax-Nemesis


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