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“RPBY: Roleplays by You!” is a community of roleplayers, based on the RWBY universe as a backdrop to our roleplay! We work together to collaborate on stories and to expand the lore for the universe our group takes place in, with original lore taking priority to incorporate rather than following the RWBY story lore. Although we had our beginnings in RWBY, we like it this way, as it gives our group considerable room for creativity while still maintaining certain themes such as multi-form weapons, semblance abilities, the faunus race, and an academy setting.

Many members of our group use roleplay as both a fun creative activity but also a therapeutic one in a sense, to help them sort out personal feelings and personal problems. As a result, our group has a tendency to house many neurodivergent individuals, and we specifically request that all members, both neurodivergent and neurotypical, be supportive and tolerant towards one another. We’re a family of friends who come together to share stories as well as a positive environment, and we’d love to have you join us!


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