Mei Ming as herself begins to interact with a goth girl at school. She seems to have toned down her usual higher attitude and talks to the girl openly about some feelings about letting go of Cole and moving into a proper relationship with Cerise, even talking a bit about how she enjoys to manipulate someone. The girl who is a bit on the righteous side makes her feel really about things that Mei Ming has done but points out that if she feels guilty then there may be some hope. Mei Ming, caught up in too much guilt just leaves and doesn’t think she can get better.

EXP Awarded

Mei Ming - 150 EXP (This event is huge for Mei Ming. She before said to Cerise that she had “plans” for them, but now it’s becoming clear that those plans were to be a real relationship. She’s trying to get help but ends up in despair. She wants to love Cerise.)


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