Zaffrea has been doing everything possible to make sure Cerise is as comfortable as possible after… all the events with his flower… Though Cerise did not necessarily get as injured as Grim, the entire event had a major impact on him. As Zaffrea steps out for a bit, she instructs Nur to keep an eye on Cerise. Nur, who was physically the one who rescued Cerise hides this matter for now and just can’t contain himself anymore, fully confessing to Cerise that he loves him more than he’s ever loved anyone. Although Nur’s love is not reciprocated, Cerise reveals that he is in fact in love with Mei Ming. At first Nur is somewhat mad and a little hurt, but puts these feelings aside to be as supportive as possible to Cerise. Nur reveals that Mei Ming isn’t really around anymore, but doesn’t know how to explain so with a bit of encouraging, he gently leads Cerise out to see what Mei Ming has become, Mólì.

EXP Awarded

Cerise Moani - 140 EXP (The psychological impact of the torture has fully sunken in for Cerise at this point who is still crazy for Mei Ming, showing to what extent his love is for her despite the abuse. His depression increases when it’s revealed that someone else has taken Mei Ming’s place and she doesn’t remember him at all. Cerise also shows that he trusts Nur enough to share things with him.)

Neeru Nehanth (Nur) - 140 EXP (Rejection is difficult as it is, but Nur handles it by showing extreme devotion to Cerise, being completely supportive and helpful as well as comforting in areas that seem to complement the kind of person who Cerise is. Even though he is slightly fooled by Cerise lying to him saying that he “loved” him too, he has formed a very close connection with Cerise.)

Fěnhóng Mólì - 110 EXP (She expresses confusion over Cerise and thinks she may be able to get some information out of him over her past, but him and Nur both leave as quickly as they approached her.)

Zaffrea Shanti - 50 EXP (It is shown that Zaffrea has been caring immensely for Cerise, but doesn’t participate much in this thread itself.)


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