Yami color

Ahh, it appears Yami has been stood up :( All of this emotional anticipation to meet some otherworldly and he never appeared the entire day. He spent most of his day catching up with his aunt around the area where he was supposed to meet the strange apparition that hacked himself into his life. They talked for quite a bit and set up a small work opportunity for Yami which he assumed would be there at Beacon so it wasn't too out of his comfort zone. They mostly talked, however, about plain life stuff about his mom Midori and his other mom Oren, sharing a bit of their history coming to Vale. His aunt just seemed happy to hear anything about them which was touching to him. Of course the busy headmaster couldn't spend all day with him and left him in the courtyard as he insisted that he stayed to meet up with someone.

Alas, that strange apparition never came, or anyone even remotely resembling him. Not many people passed by the garden that day and anyone who did, he gave a warm greeting to and was particularly easy to approach but most were busy going about their day and he didn't ask for any time or attention. No one here probably knew of his internet reputation and if by any chance they heard of him online, they would definitely not know what he looked like. So, he mostly kept still throughout the day. Eventually it became dark, his scroll was low on charge so he turned it on power saver for a bit and stored away. He was considering leaving, and couldn't help but feel disappointed. He had been very patient after all.

He patted his slightly loose dark clothing a bit and stood, planning to take a small walk through the garden area of the courtyard to capture its beauty at night before fully leaving, worried about his moms and how scared they must be that he has been out for this long with little reply from him.

Something, or rather, someone caught his eye, however. They looked rather lonely and slouched in a sorrowful kind of way. Maybe they would appreciate a bit of company? It was worth a try and Yami knew how to expertly calibrate his aura so that he can approach or be approached by anyone. That is, the small amounts of times he actually did meet up with people. 

The one he was referring to had a gorgeous frame he could tell from a distance as he stood over a small lit area of the gardens. He could hardly imagine their beauty up close but contained himself as he approached calmly.  They appeared to be smoking so before fully nearing them he popped out a box of cigarettes from a small but stylish pouch on his side, pulling out one and holding it out but only slightly as he got near enough.

"Excuse me, but would you mind lighting me up?" he asked and smiled pleasantly to this. He tried not examine them so intensely to appear calm and collected instead but it was a tad bit difficult, their beauty was so mesmerizing! Even if they looked on the down side, they were very alluring and aesthetically pleasing. Their beauty even rivaled if not perhaps surpassed his own! They had an androgynous appearance, figure and frame similar to his own with Yami being just a bit smaller in scale. Yami wore rather stylish clothing today that leaned a little bit more on the "hip" side of style and had his hair tied in a medium length dark ponytail which hugged his shoulder and facially appeared very in the middle but in a very appealing sort of way. His bright yellow eyes somewhat shone and his scales reflected the light but only in a very slight way that made them pop out a bit more in the darkness. He held out his cigarette in hopes that they would share.

Cerise color

Cerise was sitting alone in the courtyard, yet again, in the same exact spot Mei Ming had dumped him. He was on his third pack of cigarettes today now, which was a pack or two more than usual. He had tried reconnecting with Zaffrea earlier that day, having just been reunited with her the night before, but nothing seemed to be exactly... clicking.. between them. He couldn't exactly be open about what happened with Mei Ming, and having to hide something that had such a big impact on him was keeping him feeling distant. Not to mention that Zaffrea herself was hiding plenty, about her own feelings and emotional turmoil, but Cerise was of course way too oblivious to realize this, but of course being able to feel the disconnect it was causing. Not to mention the disconnect in physical communication as well, it was just so... different... talking to her now that she was deaf... It hadn't gotten too late just yet, with the sun only having just recently set, but he decided to leave that last few hours of Zaffrea's day to Neeru, he at least had enough self awareness to know that Neeru would probably be way better at handling and comforting her than he was. 

Just a couple minutes after just having sat down though, he was approached by an attractive reptilian faunus, although Cerise didn't notice until Yami was now close enough to talk to him, asking him... for a light?! The weight of Cerise's sadness began to immediately slide off his shoulders. There was still some sadness in the background to his emotions, but he was mostly just happy to have someone actually WANT to smoke with him! In actuality, Cerise actually really missed the more social aspect to smoking at times, as Beacon's no smoking policy left him having to do it in secret most of the time, not that he cared too much about being scolded, but it got kind of irritating and old after a while. There was also the fact that none of the students here actually seemed all that interested in smoking anyway, he was turned down literally every. single. time. Hating rejection, he barely even offered smokes anymore! There was also something about this guy that just made Cerise feel at ease, like he was being greeted by an old friend. Of course, this was because of Yami's calibrated aura, but it would appear that their aura's already meshed pretty well from the start, and that Yami's didn't need much modification on his part.

"Oh! Of course. How could I turn down someone with scales a cute as yours?" Cerise said with a wink, as he smoothly pulled out a plain pink lighter from his pocket, the gesture clearly familiar to him. As he flicked his thumb to start the lighter, the little flame illuminated Yami's face in a way that made his scales really shine and stand out, they were more than just cute, they were actually beautiful... Cerise made sure not to stare for too long though, bringing the lighter in towards Yami's own cigarette until the flame had lit it.

Yami color

Yami was smiling pleasantly which brightened a bit as Cerise seemed to become a bit more cheerful at his request. He himself felt at ease as he at first was beginning to modify his aura to match Cerise but during this process noticed that his default and most natural one was the perfect fit which came as a very pleasant surprise. Not that whenever Yami would alter his aura would make him any less genuine, of course, he just wanted to make sure the people around him felt as good as possible. 

Brushing his hair a bit aside so his ponytail wasn't in the way anymore, he leaned into Cerise, closing a small amount of space between them. Though at first holding out the cigarette as a cultural way of politely asking to be lit, he leaned into the cigarette once Cerise brought out his lighter and wrapped his mouth around the end as it was it, pulling away. His delicate action of partly opening his mouth and closing his eyes doing so, though not lasting for long seemed as though he was taking every effort to deliberately seduce Cerise. Not really though, he was mostly just a soft person. He continued to maintain the small amount of distance between them, in a perfect not too close that it was intoxicating but not too far that it wouldn't be considered as social or friendly but just enough way to give Cerise a slight amount of space with little contact save a brush or two as he took a few huffs of the cigarette and sighed contently. He didn't smoke all too often to be honest, so he thought it was special when he did.

All of this took a very small amount of time as Yami wanted to make sure he wasn't ignoring Cerise yet show his appreciation as he turned a bit to Cerise meanwhile giving a slight bow of thanks which was more of a his own politeness thing but definitely not over the top as he softened his expression a bit to add on to his alluring features. He gave a slight sigh, this time a bit exasperated with a hint of disappointment, "Ah... thank you, I would be a bit sad if I was turned down a second time today. Well, more stood up really..." He returned to his normal, pleasant tone, "But I do appreciate your compliment. I'm glad that people can appreciate the beauty of my scales but the ones on my cheeks hardly compare to other areas of my body..." He trailed off just a little bit at his end note to appear as though he was beginning to suggest something without coming off as he was fully trying to seduce and come on to him. But just to tease a little, as he put the pack of cigarettes away in the small pouch on his side, he lifted his shirt up to allow some more scales to peek. He returned to a more comfortable position next to Cerise and this time put more focus on him.

"Are you doing alright by the way?" he didn't add too much concern to his voice so that he wouldn't be come off as overly worried. "I don't mean to bother, but you seemed a little lonely out here, and no offense to you or anyone here but you kind of stand out from the rest. Is combat really your thing?" He asked in a form that would point out his curiosity but definitely not make it seem that Cerise was weak or weird in any way, just special and stood out.

Cerise color

As alluring as Yami was, and as much as Cerise would usually want to impress someone like him, Cerise didn't feel... obliged to for once. He actually felt at ease, not that he was usually tense, but at ease in a way where he didn't feel like his whole worth was relying on his ability to be.. well.... what most people knew as Cerise. Flirty, seductive. Well, when it came to Beacon, maybe he was a little lacking on the whole seducing part... but no, actually it was Beacon who was lacking, not him..! >;( Or.. maybe it was him..? ;( It wasn't too hard to keep his confidence up, when he had first started attending Beacon, especially considering he had so much of it. But now that a whole year had passed... all this rejection was beginning to whither him down. Especially the latest one, involving Mei Ming.. 

He took a puff of his cigarette, before replying to Yami. "Cute and smart, huh? ;) I suppose you're right, I am pretty lonely.. and I guess it's obvious in it's own way that I don't exactly belong here. But maybe not for long, I've been thinking... maybe it's time to go back home." He took another puff after he was done speaking, feeling an immense nostalgia and even longing for when he used to live out in the town and was "loved" by everybody. Of course, he couldn't help but sometime go back to that life, occasionally taking up a customer or two, but he just really missed when that WAS his whole life, when it was all he really knew.

Yami color

Yami smiled lightly, content that without much work on his part he was able to feel Cerise, his openness, and his overall yearning. He put out his cigarette and clicked his tongue, but only to show sympathy. He turned to Cerise fully and with a quick and polite "pardon me" he moved his arms to motion Cerise just slightly over so that he was facing him as Yami raised his arm near Cerise's gorgeous and full flower but below it to mostly feel its own energy. He did this all without touching or making it appear as though he were going to touch Cerise but there was very little space between them now as compared to before, they were practically flush up against each other without being flush up against each other THAT way.

Yami had his eyes closed for just a little bit as he opened them again and smiled up warmly at Cerise. "Pardon if this was ill mannered to you, but I just have to say, that your flower is more than just blooming with beauty, but flourishing. You are Cerise, aren’t you? Yes, I have heard some about you, well with me being Valean myself and my name being prominent in the sex community in town. So, because of our similar backgrounds I would like to point out some things. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with your previous lifestyle or your enjoyment of it, you should understand that that form of being “loved” is to a much smaller scale than being truly loved, something that you can easily discover out here."

Yami was pleasantly smiling at Cerise, definitely examining him fully now and making sure that the other felt calm and comfortable about him as he did not make too much of a move on him, but stayed a bit close to him.

Cerise color

"Ah, so my reputation precedes me once more!" Cerise said, estatic over Yami already having already heard about him. "Really, I would have thought I'd be hearing that sort of thing from more than just you and that awfully tacky Syn, but I suppose I'll take what I've been given." He said with a sigh as he took another smoke. "I'm afraid I can't say the same for you though... I would've thought I'd seen you around by now if you're really all that you claim to be. ;)" Cerise said in a somewhat flirty tone, placing a hand down subtly on Yami's thigh, which wasn't all too out of place considering how close Yami had moved in towards him. "You're right, in a way... that the love I've been given by some of those I've met here HAS been.. warmer, stronger.. Quality over quantity, I guess, but I'm just so used to receiving small love in large numbers, love to this sort of degree gets a little.. hard to handle. In all honesty, I'm just heartbroken." his face softening a great deal as he let out the last part.

Yami color

Yami laughed lightly, "Aww.." he felt a little sorry that that Cerise seemed like he wasn't being given sufficient attention, "Well, it appears that the community at Beacon is a bit different than Vale itself and it may be that the crowd around here like to push people from certain backgrounds under the rug.." He sympathized with Cerise as normally the number of connotations that all sorts of people online had with him caused him to get significant attention, both in bad, good and neutral ways. He relaxed a bit laying back slightly, "Ah.. well for myself, I guess you can say I'm a face people tend to forget. Heard of Pet? That's me and I am situated in Upper Class. And about me... well let's just say the name really says it all." Yami was about to give a wink himself as he flirted with Cerise, but flinched slightly at the touch, though subtle it stood out to him as somewhat rude.

Despite being close, Yami had a very clear rule to establish communication for physical contact. He was only close to establish a sense of comfortableness with the other. Of course it's not that he didn't see it coming, but it still made him uncomfortable. Often the rare times he would go out, he did get a couple slaps on the back and hugs and such out of nowhere which he honestly didn't complain about, but this didn't mean that he liked this. If it were more acceptable, he would definitely give them a piece of his mind regarding his personal level of comfort, respect, and space. As a demon, he just didn't understand why it was so necessary to touch him. Him being close but not touching was his default, but touching was something that would definitely require more intimacy in the relationship in order to be pleasant for him. Ah, despite all this, he was not one to complain, instead to make sure the other is pleased with his presence. He rarely had real life friends anyway so he just put up with it for a short time only to continue the small bit of urban legend aspect to him. As a matter of fact, his real friends were online where he never needed to worry about all of this.

He pushed all this aside however to maintain a more pleasing atmosphere to him.

Cerise color

Cerise was a little too captivated by Yami to pick up on the flinch or Yami's discomfort. However, he didn't let his physical touches escalate any further, as for once he was a little more interested in talking than touching. "Pet? THE Pet? I must say, I'm quite impressed! I already presumed that one day our paths might cross, we are equals after all when it comes to our skills and technique, our reputation, although.. I had a little bit of a different idea in mind on the where and how of us meeting each other, somewhere more fun than.. this dreary place." His voice carried a bit of disgust when he referenced Beacon in his last line.

Yami color

This time, Yami's laugh was a little more energetic. He was just SO amused by this all. Someone like CERISE was here, impressed by him! A complete virgin!! Literally!! His laugh was a little soft at first but had trouble containing it as he was going on about his "skill" and "techniques". Oh, Yami had intentionally stayed a bit away from Cerise or others legitimately in the sex business as they would have definitely been able to figure him out to not be the legend as his large community made him out to be. He was actually pretty thankful they met out in the courtyard of Beacon like this, where his virginity wouldn't be at stake, but would definitely not reveal this anytime soon. "Oh... *hahahaha!* come now... *heh..* it must not ALL be too bad here!!" although he was laughing with a bit of energy, it was pretty cute since his voice was voice normally was at a pleasant low in energy.

Cerise color

Yami's laugh was.. pretty cute, needless to say. It was nice getting to see a more energetic side to him, as he was pretty passive within their conversation up to this point. He returned Yami's laughter with a smile, and began to speak in a more light hearted joking manner himself, beginning to clearly exagerate. "Oh, but it is! You don't know how bad it gets here, everyone has such abhorrent tastes, and no sense of style whatsoever. Nur and Neela were such a mess before I got them cleaned up the other day while we were out; I don't know why it took until they met me for someone to get them out of those rags. Though I suppose there are a few key individuals who compensate for it all, Mei Ming's choice in clothing was always rather à la mode." Cerise said the last part with a bit of sadness in his voice, although it was pretty subtle. "I.. miss her..."

Yami color

Despite normally doing everything possible to maintain a pleasant low key form of energy, Yami found himself having a bit of fun with Cerise and was going to ask him a little more about the individuals he mentioned, but noticed that Cerise had become somewhat sad, though the sadness was subtle, Yami was hard wired to pick up on any emotional level.

Out of his own nature, Yami re-configurated his aura to emcompass more emotional empathy as he lowered his energy levels to respect Cerise's sadness, his laughter dying out and him giving Cerise a gentle but sympathetic glance, allowing him to finish and think for a minute before softly asking, "Do you want to talk about it?" he said with a careful selection of words to make sure he didn't say anything that could be interpreted as assuming anything. In a way, Yami's tone made it impossible to NOT want to talk to him, he was so emotionally pleasant.

Cerise color

Considering how much he loved to talk about himself, it was a pretty remarkable how little Cerise ever actually opened up to others. Why bother mentioning the more downcast details when he could focus on all the glamorous, fun ones! No one wants to listen to a sob story after all, and he had to give people what they wanted, right? Even around Nur and Neela, the ones he'd been spending the most time around and truly felt closest too, he never actually talked about his feelings much. This was despite doing pretty much all the talking, leaving little room for Nur or Neela to say much on their end. But now, with Yami, he felt like.. it was okay to talk about this... he felt.. safe. 

"I just... really really loved her. I really did. That kind of intimacy... being able to be myself around her and her with me... I've only gotten that a handful of times before her, and this time it was really strong. She.. used me, abused me, treated me like a dog, but I loved her for it, because it was her and not some fake kind of front. And it's okay because I SHOULD be treated like a dog; oh but not some kind of mangy flea bag, but a pedigree show dog, born and raised to please of course )' ; ') " Cerise's voice began to break about half way through his speech, and he started sobbing. He sort of just.. ignored the sobbing though and pushed through with continuing to speak anyway, his voice filled with the kind of emotion that was brimming with sincerity but felt like a lie all at once, like when you tell yourself things in your head as if they're facts, but really you know you're just telling yourself that because you HAVE to, because you wouldn't be able to live with yourself if they WEREN'T facts. He tried to smile his way through the last bit, about being a show dog, but he still had a sob in his voice and tears rolling down his face. If only Mei Ming was here to see how pathetic it all was, maybe she'd feel sorry enough to take him back.

Yami color

Listening intensely as Cerise spoke and broke to tears, Yami held his head a little down but didn't say anything so that he would not interrupt.

Of course Yami knew exactly how Cerise felt, from a much grander scale as well... it wasn't that Yami was thinking back to his own personal memories, but the notion of love through abuse did seem to stir something up in him emotionally in which Yami completely turned off any of his usual aura calibration features and was fully himself with Cerise. "...Liar..." he finally said, but softly. As much as Cerise may have needed to, he couldn't let Cerise continue to do this to himself. Normally, he would respect the other entirely no matter what and be supportive. But now, he was taking down everything that made him a "perfect match for anyone" and showing himself. The word was pretty powerful as Yami said it in a low but soft tone that probably would have caused Cerise to stop crying from surprise. Only sniffles breaking their silence which lasted but a moment or two as Yami sighed and turned towards Cerise, reaching out his arms to invite Cerise into a hug as he couldn't reach over and fully close their space himself. He had a softer and kinder expression now filled with empathy.

This was drastically different from how Yami would normally behave, always avoiding physical contact at all costs and using the "the other will be in harm if I don't" excuse any other time. If he were touched, he was sure to ask for permission to touch back but only if this were absolutely necessary. Yet... Yami was the one now inviting the contact. He didn't ask for permission through spoken language, he didn't feel the need to as he felt comfortable oddly but still did not fully hug Cerise on his own.

Cerise color

...Liar? Is that what.. he was doing... lying? Of course it was, Cerise knew a lot of what'd he'd tell himself were just comforting little lies. Well, maybe lie is too strong of a word. They were more of just... things and thoughts that weren't exactly true. Pretending that they were true was the biggest "lie" of them all though. Having this blatantly pointed out to him however, it sort of forced everything to sink in, but in a soft kind of way. Cerise's crying had stalled into little sniffles, and giving a little nod he nestled his body up against Yami's, accepting the offered hug. Yami was significantly smaller than Cerise at a nine inch difference, so actually it was more like Yami was nestled in Cerise than the other way around, his head pressed up against Cerise's chest.

Yami color

Yami stiffened up naturally despite being the one to ask for the hug as touching was still a not so acceptable area for him. He slowly wrapped his arms around Cerise's neck, as he looked up at Cerise with a soft but saddened expression, showing that he was indeed feeling for Cerise as he spoke again, the words light, smooth and soothing.

"You are magnificent, Cerise, and I am more than honored to have come across you. As I said before, you're not just blooming with beauty, but flourishing. Do you want to know why that is? Because you've entered a new part of your life where you grow to encompass more areas of beauty. A flower out in the field may bloom similar to a flower grown indoors, but there is another level of beauty with the wildflower. Your flower and yourself out here are becoming more beautiful each and every day as you both grow and flourish. Every rose has its thorns, but there is so much to you than what you make yourself out to be, and you can do so much to create even more for yourself. You are special and you deserve so much more than what you originally had. You need to be treated with love and respect as much as you need to treat yourself with equal love and respect."

Though their hold on each other was rather intimate and lasted until Yami was finished speaking, Yami was turning on his aura callibration again afterwards to be less awkward as he began to slip his hands off of Cerise. It was odd for Yami to welcome that kind of intimacy, especially with something he'd usually avoid no matter what so he tried his best not to be as uncomfortable as he would usually.

Cerise color

Cerise had a tendency to get easily distracted from long monologues such as Yami's, but this time with his gaze so intense and words so filled with love, it was impossible not to pay attention. His words were so beautiful, to the degree where they appropriately matched the speaker's own beauty, and they softly penetrated their way into Cerise's heart. These words created an intimate connection with Yami, not necessarily romantic in nature, but still overwhelming to the point where Cerise's feelings were practically overflowing. Not knowing how to convey his feelings through words though, Cerise turned to expressing himself in the way that came most natural to him, and pulled Yami back in as he pulled away from their embrace. Leaning forward, he pressed his lips tenderly into Yami's. They were.. soft.

Yami color

This was...

Yami held his breath.

Not an order...

Yami slightly parted his lips in anticipation.

Yet it was...

Yami closed his eyes upon contact.


As their lips touched, it was sensually light and gentle. A feel for the other's textures, a small and simple greeting but pleasant and warm. There was an immediate adjustment in Yami’s position, leaning inward to meet Cerise, tilting his head partially to the right in submission and comfort, while faintly bringing them closer. Their breaths fell on each other with a similar depth but changing as their control varied. Yami began to press his lips further to kiss Cerise, focusing on different areas of his lips, upper lip, lower lip, side of the mouth, before going back to kissing him fully in which he placed a subtle amount of more energy and desire with the slowness fiercer but therefore adding a new level of gentleness in the kiss. Flawlessly pausing, Yami’s controlled hesitation now gave room for Cerise to kiss him in response and introduce new elements as he grazed his arms, upper back, back of the neck, cheeks, temples alternating firm and softness as every one of his movements translated to one request. Kiss me.

Cerise color

It’s often the first kiss that’s the most memorable, the most emotional, however, in Cerise’s case.. This didn’t exactly always hold true. Having had many kisses in the past and many to come in the future, he was by now pretty desensitized to the sensation, not to mention that Cerise’s style didn’t exactly involve the usual build up, as he’d give customers and acquaintances alike exactly what they wanted WHEN they wanted it ;) If anything, it was the kisses at points where enough time had progressed for feelings and a bond to develop, the honeymoon phase, that felt the most intoxicating <3 Yami’s kiss though… despite being a first… carried all the emotions and passion behind a honeymoon kiss. Which in it’s own way, was definitely a first for Cerise. Yami’s technique exceeded Cerise’s own, which was not a first in fact, but still a rarity, although Cerise made up the difference with his enthusiasm <3 Taking action upon Yami’s controlled hesitation, he kissed back at first matching Yami’s gentleness, but then rapidly escalating to more tongue and more movement, pressing his hands into Yami’s back. Wanting to escalate even further though, Cerise pulled away to make a proposition. Yami already knew him and his reputation even before approaching him, so isn’t this what he came here for?

Yami color

Although anticipated, it was still unusual to feel tongue and enthusiastic movement as the kiss escalated. Yami's previous eagerness to please and be perfect to other began to subside to allow more of his personal thoughts and worries to enter his mind. He was starting to become lost in the kiss with a small and subtle anxiety of further escalation from this and how he could get out at this point which may require activation of his semblance. This translated to less movement on his side but more allowing Cerise to do as he pleased.

There was immense relief as Cerise pulled away, leaving a trail of spit so faint that it broke as Cerise fully pulled away and looked as though he was going to speak. Automatically, Yami shifted his position to appear more submissive and lower to accommodate to the other's desire though he was now frowning slightly in which his discomfort was hidden by his light red tint on his nose and lip area but not his cheeks as his scales became more easily noticeable with the slight red contrast of the rest of his lower face.

Yami internally sighed, feeling that he had made mistakes throughout this meeting not wanting to admit he did... feel nice... There was no choice now, he had to give Cerise the impression that they had had sex which definitely would not be difficult now. He couldn't hide a seductive smile which was actually more of a mischievous one as he leaned back up at Cerise close to his face so he could look him in the eyes as he started to conjure up the aura to begin the activation of his aura. He started to hiss slightly and very breathy, which was difficult for him but necessary to recite his chant.

Before he could utter a word, however, his scroll made rather strong vibration. It startled Yami as he slightly jumped away to check what had irritated the scroll.

"Tsk..." Yami clicked his tongue with a bit of a pout as he opened his scroll only to have it tell him it had died. Sighing fully now, he gave Cerise a pleasant smile, "I stayed around here far too late than I anticipated," he said softly as he shifted away to easily get up from the bench. He leaned into Cerise, not touching but giving him a small sniff kiss on the cheek and then leaning into his ear, "I'm so glad though... that I could make you feel better and I was happy to see you again."

He fully let go of Cerise as he made his way towards the docks to catch the last ship back to town.

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