Penalty System

RPBY uses a points based penalty system in order to address rule violations as well as other offenses. Different violations will warrant different points, depending on severity. Rack up enough points, and you will suffer either a temporary suspension or be considered for removal from our group ):

3 Points = Minor suspension – You can not post in our group for three days.

6 Points = Suspension – You can not post in our group for one week.

10 points = Removal from the group - We understand that not everything is black and white, and everyone’s circumstances are different. This is why removal from the group will be considered and discussed, with all involved parties, so that we can understand the situation from every perspective.


No hijacking threads. If a thread begins to deviate from the original poster’s character and intentions, in that the original poster is no longer active in the thread, please move your role play to a new thread. This can sometimes be a grey area, but is up to the admins’ best judgement.

  • 1 Point for violation

No inappropriate sexual conduct, at least in the main area for group (There is an 18+ section, all of this is allowed in there). Flirting and talking about sex is fine, but straight up having sex in a thread isn’t. Sex can be implied, and is allowed to have canonly happened. Actual actions that are role played publicly are not allowed to advance past first base, meaning that mouth to mouth, tongue kissing is allowed, but no chest groping or anything that escalates further. Talking about sex must remain relatively tame, making sure to exclude explicit details.

  • 2 Points for violation

No stealing art. This includes art posted for references as well as any other art posted within the group. If you didn’t make it, please source accordingly, and do not claim it as your own. This includes materials used, such as other people’s character models or collaborative pieces.

  • 3 points for violation

No bullying. We take bullying very seriously in this group. If you are being mean spirited to another player, outside of a roleplay of course, we WILL take action. Insults to gender identity, otherkin identity, pronouns, mental illness, disabilities, sexuality, religion, race or any other characteristics will be taken seriously.

  • 10 points for violation.


Violations are not limited to the rules above; any behavior that an admin deems as an ethical violation is subject to a point based penalty. Point penalties for the rules above may be modified as admins see fit, based on a case-to-case basis, but should still be referred to as a general guide.