Unfinished Templates

Delta (Needs stats explained.)

Amaranth (Needs stats explained.)

Kaiser (Needs stats explained.)

Royce (Needs stats explain)

Zaffrea (Needs photo added)

Ansin (Needs stats explained.)

Lance (Needs stats explained)

Whitney (Needs Education)

Morea (Needs stats explained.)

Amaji (Needs stats explained, personality, race, voice, and future outlook)

Jamie (Needs states explained, background, education, and future outlook)

Ao (Needs voice, backstory, and personality)

Lyria (Needs stats explained)

He Who is Blind, but Sees All (Needs Voice, Personality, and Species)

Templates that Need to be Uploaded

Needed Templates


Nameless Kid

Miscellaneous Templates that Need to be Uploaded

Characters in Need of Hex Code Squares

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