Bumping into a professor during a personal mission, Gwen seems to have a plan to harm students. Plans to investigate further are postponed by professors.

EXP Awarded

Sulala Sanguinaria “Gwen” Carmine - 50 EXP (Although not much occurred in this thread, Gwen was established as a potential threat to the school and covered up her odd behavior in front of the professor in a well thought out manner.)

Yín Arstat - 50 EXP (Catching a threat in progress, Yín seems to have immense knowledge on this kind of behavior and for now her suspicions cannot be further investigated.)

Patchouli Russet - 25 EXP (Dissuades Yín from following her instincts about the suspicious girl with elderly charm.)


Sulala Aura

Sanguinaria, otherwise known as Gwen, had done it. It has seemed that she had made it to Beacon without arousing much suspicion with her semi-forged identification papers. She wandered around campus, primarily the exterior, observing groups of students from a safe distance. They were not behaving unusually and their actions came to little to no surprise to her. These were children of the inferior races, she reasoned, they have little to offer. She sat down at a close bench to record her findings today, noting several instances of this human emotion known as "attraction" or "love" making her feel completely annoyed. So human, she sighed, feeling rather inpatient to wipe the planet this uselessness. She set up a course to spy on the professors next. "So many more days," she said, keeping track in a detailed plan towards utopia, "Before complete perfection."

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