Cerise has been invited to go shopping with his friend, the nun Cannaid who gave him some flower hair clips to put on his hair to cope with losing his flower. Only problem is that Mòlì is with them and Cerise doesn’t know how to feel about that... Cerise shows off his little bulb a bit now that his flower is starting to bud, but gets very scared when a curious Mòlì reaches out to get a closer look. He’s not feeling so good at all but Mòlì isn’t really herself anymore. Some time into the shopping Mòlì begins to act more and more like Mei Ming until it’s to the point where the two are indistinguishable. Cerise comes to realize this and quickly moves in to pull Mei Ming aside, using a rather pathetic excuse. He can barely contain himself as he moves them to a more private setting and as soon as they are out of sight, he instantly showers her with kisses and words of love. Mei Ming is displeased that he made her reappearance so obvious and doesn’t appreciate him kissing her like that without permission so she shoves him off much to Cerise’s sadness. She reveals that she will be playing a different game from now on and that she will be needing Cerise, but of course that won’t be a problem, now would it? Cerise behaves like the dog he is to her and Mei Ming reenters the group with him, making her control over Cerise more than blatant as she verbally and openly orders him here and there and speaks for him, rejecting a chance to hang out with a friend. With Mei Ming back, everyone is angered and ready to attack but the day ends with no arguments or fights, just everyone on rather thin ice.

EXP Awarded

Cerise Moani - 140 EXP (Cerise undergoes a bit of turmoil being near Mòlì, but is instantly able to tell when Mei Ming is back. His love for her hasn’t died even the slightest amount as he’s all over her and doing everything he can to please her.)

Fěnhóng Mólì/Mei Ming - 140 EXP (Although Mólì was pretty bland, her transition into Mei Ming again was interesting to watch and she shows that Mei Ming definitely has no feelings for Cerise as she uses him like a pleasure toy and nothing more.)


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--Not Available--

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