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Neeru Nehanth is a first year student attending Shade Academy, played by Nef Amata Simul.

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STRENGTH 25 Neeru is pathetically weak, hardly able to do lifts with 20 pound weights. He tires easily during battle and can’t really do anything with hand to hand. 
ENDURANCE 150 Despite their aura not being all too powerful, basically only able to heat up and cool down air/water, they’re going to be able to move into more elements and make their aura more powerful.
PERCEPTION 75 In technical terms, they have a pretty good aim, but half of this is just precision. When it comes to actual awareness, Neela is severely lacking.
AGILITY 150 Nur has grown to be rather quick to react in battle but this can often lead to stupid decisions.
CONSTITUTION 1,225 The strongest aspect to what makes Neeru a force to be reckoned with during battle is that he can probably take anything you throw at him and still stand.
TOTAL 1,625 /10,000


Semblance Unlocks

(4) Semblance Unlock Pending


  • Neela and Nur are able to cofront now, allowing them to manipulate both the raising of temperature and cooling of temperature of elements (limited to water and partially air and ice)



Neeru Nehanth (full legal name meaning violet fire rain), Neela (sky blue) and Nur (fire).


Human with “Illusion” characteristics - Nur previously saw himself as partially Grimm due to him being saved by a Grimm during the his intended execution. Due to Zaffrea’s treatment of the two, seeing only Neela as her true brother and Nur as this imposter body thief who is stealing his body and making him mentally unstable, Nur has been conditioned to think that he is a Grimm in a human body. Meeting an actual human Grimm hybrid however shatters this identification in combination with further interactions when his emotions become very overpowering during his time in urban Mistral and Beacon. Overtime he lets go of this idea of himself and embraces that he’s just some emotional kid. Neela cannot remember their main traumatic event however and thus has no connection to Grimm. Their father is completely not a human but an illusion of a human, so they are a full human but retain some of these “Illusion” characteristics (full information about this “Illusion” creature will be expanded on in the future but so far neither Neela nor Nur understand or know this aspect of themselves and these characteristics will not be introduced until some time in the future.)

Race (Earth)

Half Hindi and half French, taking on a very plain slight Indian, mostly caucasian mixed appearance.


Nur is known for his accentuated raspy voice, it’s more on the high pitched side, full of energy, croaks a little bit and just a tad bit shrill at times. It’s very similar to how you would imagine a young boy to sound. He takes on a very slight European/Hispanic/Philippine accent to his voice as during his time working, he used different language learning abilities to mask his heavy Indian accent. Fully getting rid of the accent, he moved onto a more European accentuated accent but this is only very slight as Nur’s voice on its own is pretty unique and distinct from any accent really. Neela has a drastically different tone, but the same voice, emphasizing the high pitched aspect of their general voice and adding an immensely softer tone, tending to sound like an Indian female but eventually losing that accent to his voice as well, taking on a more feminine sounding very slightly European English/American English accent voice to the point where it’s not at all a British accent or American really but carries its pleasantness.

Backstory *NOTE* Neeru is DFAB this little fact needs to be fully worked in the backstory as it was written before it became fully concrete

A famous culinary adventurer huntsman known as Cerulean was traveling across central Mistral where different tribal societies dominated the country. Although he was mostly a traveler in search for rare ingredients as he was a culinary expeditionist, his expeditions in the northern tribes ended up being successful in establishing peace both between the individual northern tribes as well as the most industrialized section of Mistral. Although his major purpose was to charter central Mistral into provinces as he was instructed to do so in order to be funded to travel across the country in search of ingredients, he spread a more optimistic view on tribal/village-based Mistral instead. He would eventually return to introduce the once thought “barbaric” form of cooking, and he which put most of industrial Mistral residents at ease over maintaining the once thought “barbaric” ways. Instead he used his adventures to map out Mistral and maintain the tribes as is, keeping the culture intact and respected to progress at their own pace.

Venturing to southern Mistral was another story however. The harsher habitat lead to more aggressive tribes that were on constant war with each other. Nearly killed by a particular tribe, he sought refuge in a tribe known as Gyanganj, Hidden Enlightenment. Outsiders were unheard of for the village and the pale skin frightened them due to how unnatural it was. So, they reacted as expected, with hostility and aggression. He was able to convince the village elder and high priest that he meant no harm by participating in several different cleansing religious practices with them (cleansing practices mean tribal/religious group orgies), winning the heart of a particular maiden who was soon to be married to a major warrior in her village. So, he’s allowed to stay for now, but most are apprehensive about this as he rests in the maiden’s home.

During the night of her wedding, before it ceremony begins it was customary for the the wedded pair to pre-consummate in order to make themselves cleansed for the holy ceremony. Gayatri was known as the maiden of the village because she had not had sex with anyone before. She was scared to. She couldn’t reveal this to anyone however, so in the private setting before the ceremony, she told this to her husband to be be, Kadalaiparuppu (depressed oviod in shape when whole and yellow in color).

Kadalaiparuppu was perhaps the most emotional of the tribe, often voicing out odd opinions that what they were doing could all be “evil” and didn’t know it because they slaughtered their children and anyone who was deemed weak and unworthy. Although he didn’t believe in many of the things that the village did, he followed them regardless, not really wanting to stray away out of fear himself and just harbored the thought of him being truly “evil” and being able to do nothing about it, instead trying to harbor all of the “evil” of the village so that they could live ignorant and happy lives. Being very emotionally unstable, he wouldn’t stand to be rejected by Gayatri and just raped her so they could get married later that evening.

Gayatri doesn’t know who to go to because everyone in the village would have deemed it necessary for it to happen to her so she turns to the outsider who is appalled and searches Kadalaiparuppu out who… oddly disappears and.. No one remembers him.

Gayatri, who has forgotten about the rape incident only knows that she is infatuated with the outsider and they have a moment of intimacy.

The rest of the village is in a great state of confusion, they forgot who Kadalaiparuppu was but something wasn’t right. They searched Gayatri knowing she was supposed to be wed today, but didn’t know who it was to so maybe she had answers? Instead they catch her intimate with the outsider and become furious.

They chase the outsider out of the village, thinking that he’ll die some gruesome death out there on his own. Gayatri, however, is forced to stay. She can’t really handle this though, she didn’t want to be there anymore, and under immense trauma, she discovers her semblance which the creation of “barriers” by manipulating elements. Before she shows signs of pregnancy (from both Kadalaiparuppu and Cerulean), she flees to a remote area in the forest outside the village but not too unbearably far. Although teams search for her, she cannot be located since the specific area where is is hidden by flora and other elements such as weather. She gives birth safely to two babies, one looking similar to herself but the other looking frail and white skinned. She loved them both dearly and kept them safe in the barrier until they were around the age of 6 - 7. One day she just… left and never came back. The children never really understood where that came from, why it happened, what in actuality happened, and what they were going to do. Before their mother’s disappearance, Neeru was a normal slightly energetic but also calm at times child who got hurt often and was very, VERY close to his twin sister. His sister was very used to to taking away her brother’s pain both physical and eventually emotional since he got sad often too. He hardly was able to spend a single moment without her! He played with her, went on little adventures with her, learned knew things with her. Despite being trapped in a small world, they were children that didn’t understand that and just loved each other. They were so close that they hardly noticed their mother sometimes. So when the disappearance happened, it was honestly just confusing, not hurtful or sad. At least to Neeru.

Neeru’s twin sister, Zaffrea decides that eventually it’s time to maybe look for her, honestly not sure what they were supposed to do. Neeru who was rather weak agrees to stay as long as Zaffrea promises to be back for Neeru. Zaffrea leaves and is captured by some warriors from the village during a hunting raid, they are unsure what to think of the child at first, still apprehensive amount non-members of the village, but when Zaffrea notices that one of them is injured and is able to take away the pain so that he can get surgery without thrashing around so much, they knew who she is. She’s the goddess Dhitri in a human form come to help the village! They take her to the village Gyanganj where she is hailed and worshipped for being able to take away their pain. She was already developed in her healing abilities, which only couldn’t do much other than provide temporary relief, but this was still incredible to the village who have no idea what semblance is and instead only rely on brute strength. Zaffrea’s transgender identity also made her similar to the Goddess of Health and Tranquility, her second name will not be Shanti! In the village, second names were essential but they were not family names. She loved the village dearly, but didn’t want to leave her brother alone for very long so she thought since they loved her so much that they would accept her brother too! Then… she watched during a ritual as a young child got brutally murdered and tossed into a Grimm pit since it was frail. The incident frightened Zaffrea; she didn’t think the village was evil or anything but she didn’t think they would be so very accepting of Neeru after all who was frail by every definition of the word. So with child-like maturity, she decided Neeru would stay safe at home and she would try to make trips back and forth, but this got physically very exhausting very quickly so she eventually kept the visits to a minimum.

Neeru is devastated. He was… all alone now. Zaffrea came back as promised, but she said she was needed in the village and had to help them be happy so Neeru would just have to live here because they can be mean sometimes and Neeru could get hurt so that wasn’t good! Neeru at first was very scared to be left alone like that and didn’t think he could handle it, but Zaffrea is able to visit a couple of times per week to check up on him, never really staying for long other than to give him small gifts from the village. He was still lonely and scared and eventually the visits became less frequent! A couple of times a week changed to a couple of times per month... to every other month if he was lucky… Neeru during this time period which lasted six months was trying to everything possible to keep himself distracted, playing with the leaves and twigs and rocks at first got old, but with the gifts Zaffrea brought such as a small string instrument and a simple board game, he does everything he can with these small things to get the absolute most of them because there really was just nothing else he could do by himself other than keep himself alive which quickly became monotonous and dull for the child. He could barely cope with being by himself, often speaking to himself as if there was another person to aid in the gut-wrenching loneliness. He mastered the simple and little instrument given to him in every way possible and transformed the simple board game to create other games by using small crystals or other things he could find and incorporate into the game. He played with himself though, pretending he were another person too. 

Three months passed.

No Zaffrea.

Anyone would be driven to their limit with loneliness.

Neeru hesitantly left the safety of the barrier and came across the village because of the path Zaffrea created when she actually did visit him.

Sneaking around in search of Zaffrea, Neeru was captured by the village warriors who were terribly aggressive towards him due to his white skin and frail appearance. They were getting ready to slaughter him and presented him to the village elder/high priest.

In a fit of desperation, Neeru tries to explain that he is Zaffrea’s brother and Gayatri’s son.

The villagers become outraged, screaming that he is being blasphemous to their Goddess but at the reveal of Gayatri, the village elder begins to piece together information, remembering their first encounter with an outsider.

He decides that he will be cleansed for Zaffrea’s sake so she wouldn’t be tainted anymore and then tossed into the Grimm pit. The cleansing is getting raped by the village elder while everyone is rejoicing and chanting. 

The pain was excruciating, and it didn’t end when the act was over as Neeru was pulled to their feet. He wasn’t able to process it when he was carried to this odd looking pit off to an area in the village he had never been to and tied to a post, blood dripping down his legs and still unclothed. His eyes were blank, but he soon he returned to reality as he realized he had been left there, tied to the post, the others a large distance away.

He stayed there, in severe pain from his arms being held up so long, until it was starting to become dawn. In the distance, something approached in the sky. A large raven Grimm came close and landed harshly almost on top of Neeru. He looked at the Grimm and they stared into each other’s eyes for a good moment. The Grimm suddenly tore at the rope tying Neeru up and grabbed Neeru, taking flight, screeching loudly. Instead of cheers, however, he heard battle screams. He was unsure what was going on and felt incredibly scared at being off the ground. The fear didn’t last long however as he was dropped in a river, the impact of which knocked him out. He was only eight.

What had happened is that the Grimm had saved his life, taking him up to air and alerting nearby Grimm to attack the village then dropping him in a river.

Duing the attack, Zaffrea discovered everything that happened and while everyone was busy defending the village, she in a panic searched endlessly through the forest for Neeru but he wasn’t too far as he was washed up on the edge of the river. With the attacks dissipated (they are a village of warriors after all), she took Neeru into safety of her home in the village, convincing the village elder that there must be some reason as to why Neeru was saved and to let him stay.

Zaffrea cared for Neeru until he awoke the next day, but…

Honestly all the previous events, the gut-wrenching extended loneliness only to be topped by a rather massively traumatic event left Neeru scared beyond belief, splitting their soul and aura in two completely different people with their own unique souls and auras with the memory of the trauma spread across the both of them as a form of coping. Neela was the one who woke up to Zaffrea’s care and shared his new name to her. He had a different voice from Neeru. Although she was confused… she didn’t question it as she was too busy feeling guilty about everything to really process anything else. Neela didn’t remember anything but very slight bits and pieces that it couldn’t process so the memories were completely locked. Soon afterwards, another known as Nur introduced himself. He had more of an idea of what’s happened to him, but didn’t understand it either since large pieces were gone from his counterpart who wasn’t able to remember or process the information. So in a sense, between the two of them they have the complete memories of their childhood, but alone they relatively had no clue but Nur understood a little more so than Neela who understood nothing. Nur had a completely different voice and seemed mostly obnoxious and mean. He wasn’t fun to be around at all. She came to accept who Neela was, thinking that her brother became Neela and then there was some sort of thief imposter known as Nur who often controlled the body. She was never mean to Nur though but never really showed that she cared about him for him, only for Neela and to maybe have her real brother Neeru back.

Nur responded with hatred, he was out most often as Neela didn’t like it. Even though Zaffrea was the nicest to him, it wasn’t for him and everyone else REALLY hated him. The village saw him as some sort of threat, and responded to it as they usually do, with aggression. He did horrible things at times, burning down huts, raiding livestock collections to cause serious damage to the village. He was honestly just a confused, angry and awkward young teen. At first the villagers did everything they could to shun him, but since that wasn’t working, became more physically aggressive towards him. Although Zaffrea never really did anything to physically defend her brother, she did helped care for his injuries and healed his pain when she could, advising Nur to honestly just stop his acts of hatred if he wanted to eventually be accepted.

Nur couldn’t handle it after a while, he always was out when it came to the horrible stuff, wanting to protect his counterpart, Neela, allowing him to only front during very safe moments when it was only him and Zaffrea but otherwise never allowing Neela to deal with the hatred of the village. he was moving onto his 16th birthday when he discovered something in a forbidden area of the village.

He honestly didn’t care about the village’s customs and didn’t care that it was forbidden to people in the village and no one really stopped him when he went there because they didn’t care about Neeru. Sure, he was given the second name “Nehanth”, but that was only out of respect to Zaffrea and they definitely did not respect Nur’s or Neela’s individual names.

There was a pretty luxurious hut in this forbidden area of the village and he wondered why no one used it. It was actually Kadalaiparuppu’s hut. Since he was gone, and no one remembered him oddly, they didn’t know who this hut belonged to. All they knew is that this was there that outsider stayed and made a great offence against their village by getting intimate with their previously honored maiden, Gayatri. So they didn’t touch the hut and left it as is but ordered everyone to stay away from it and eventually it was forgotten about.

In the hut there was some pretty normal but aged stuff honestly. BORING. But wait … what was this…? There was an unknown kind of weapon here, and it was really, REALLY different from any weapon he’s ever seen! It had a handle … but it clicked! And it can make little noises… It was a unloaded gun. But Nur didn’t know what a gun was so he was really intrigued with this weapon, he turned a certain part of it on and ouch! That hurt! What was that? Fire? Nur had no clue but nearby there were some metal capsules of sorts and ones of different color that looked like a crystal…? What in the name of the gods was all this? There was plenty of it hidden around once he rummaged around. He also found papers with writing and a weird drawing that looked like it was exactly looking like a human unlike he’s ever seen before but also had white skin? He didn’t understand at all and some drawings that looked like they were trying to draw the entire world?

Nur left everything there for now but visited often to figure all this out later. Over the course of several weeks, trailing into months, he learned everything he could about this weapon, there was plenty of ammo hidden away in crazy places and he thought it was very fun to play around with. Sometimes Neela would switch in and though he wouldn’t practice with the gun itself, he would play with the colored “crystals” to create more of it so they could keep practicing once the metal ammo was out. He was starting to learn about what the written words on the papers were saying, picking up on the patterns of the language and it wasn’t anything too emotional honestly. Small records and logs about someone traveling through “Mistral” to learn about rare ingredients to take to his “restaurant”. Sometimes the written words would be funny, sometimes sad, sometimes happy. Often… scary? Nur and Neela both didn’t really understand at first and it took them quite a bit of time of tossing ideas around to realize that these were not fake stories but were somehow tied together with the map (as the written diaries called it)! Okay, so organizing those numbers and ordering the papers based on what happened then organizing it all in perspective of this “map” to tell where this man had been and what he had been doing at different points in his adventure. He think he FINALLY understood. An outsider, named Cerulean, was traveling across the country and was from a place where they had all sorts of amazing things he could hardly begin to imagine. But he came here, and the village hated him, but a woman here loved him and he stayed with her a little bit. He had a weird notion of what was “evil” and what was good and often detailed kind of scary things that neither Nur or Neela could really understand but left that part to be analyzed later. Anyway! He… well his last paper was about that woman he was staying with but it was just starting to talk about her and didn’t give a name before it all came to an end. Nur and Neela didn’t officially receive an end to their story about Cerulean, but sort of came up with one themselves… the woman that loved Cerulean was his mother Gayatri and so that meant that Cerulean was his father and he was somewhere out there in “Mistral” like the papers said! Maybe Gayatri was with him too? Oh geez, he had conflicting feelings on his mother that he didn’t like thinking about. But this all made sense! This is why there was never a father in their lives, it’s because this village made him leave, but he was somewhere out there, they just knew it! Well, Nur was honestly more invested in this story than Neela. Neela just gave some input on how things could fit together but didn’t really respond emotionally to it.

Nur wasn’t really too fantasizing about it either, he just found it comforting to think about. But if all this was real, he could use this map as means of his escape! To find Cerulean and get more answers! The real answers! What exactly happened! What he was and how? It was a hell a lot better than staying in this dumb place. He never thought about leaving before because he didn’t know there was an entire world out there, but this confirmed that there was and he needed to get in on it!

Nur decided to share everything with Zaffrea who was more than just shocked, she was appalled! She didn’t want any of it.It was… evil! Yes! That’s what it was! This was a BAD THING and it didn’t belong here and if it was gone they could all be happy again! Zaffrea started to get rid of all of it and Nur couldn’t handle it! He took out his weapon and shot Zaffrea with a steam bullet, unlocking a certain aspect of his semblance to control steam and its temperature, severely burning Zaffrea across the back.

She was really sad about this and made a deal with Nur that she wouldn’t tell anyone what happened if he dropped all of this. Nur was confused, hurt, and conflicted. He needed the map, he needed the papers, he needed everything, but if Zaffrea told on him, the villagers wouldn’t hesitate to kill him and that would be the end of that.

Nur partially agreed for now as long as Zaffrea didn’t destroy anything yet.

After some time, things died back down to their usual routine, Neeru and Zaffrea went through their 16th birthday and preparations were being made for Zaffrea’s betrothal. It was now Zaffrea who was given a bit of time to reconsider everything and analyze the papers. She couldn’t read the French of course like Neeru could but understood concepts it was trying to convey such as other areas of this world other than the village and the forest. Zaffrea was normally a happy and kind-hearted girl, caring for anyone and everyone in the village.

Then one day the village elder died. Zaffrea was grief-stricken who viewed the village elder as closest to a father figure as she ever had. There was some talk of Zaffrea becoming the next leader, but Zaffrea couldn’t do this! She was nowhere near as strong as some in the village, but was pretty decent for her age and stature. She was hardly a warrior at heart either. She needed to be able to grow into a warrior somehow and here wouldn’t help her if they continued to pamper her like a Goddess.

Since Zaffrea didn’t understand the papers, she assumed that they held the key to ultimate strength, enabling one to venture towards more powerful lands. So she started to focus on the map portion, dissecting it until she figured out a safe way to leave the village and enter a new land.

She had to go in secret though, or they would all try to stop her. But she was doing this for the village of course, to get stronger for them! She prepared a bag for herself and began to sneak out… until… Nur caught her. 

Nur was extremely hurt that… she used HIS THINGS, HE WAS THE ONE WHO FOUND IT ALL, AND HE WAS THE ONE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MEANT FOR (he wanted to think?) AND IT WAS HIS STUFF AND IF SHE WAS GONNA GO AHEAD AND UP AND LEAVE ANYWAY THEN WHY NOT LET HIM BE IN ON IT, HUH?!!!! At Nur’s outrage, Zaffrea tried to calm him down and get him to understand that she needed to venture off to get stronger for the village’s sake and that he would be safe here as long as he kept out of their way mostly and didn’t cause any trouble. So if he could please be quiet and let her go…


Zaffrea thought for a moment, she really just wanted Neeru to be safe. She didn’t know what was out there, but thought and decided that it would be safer if Neeru went with her and she looked after him. It was decided then. They left the village, sneaking away using the map as their guide.

They traveled to and from village to village. Most offering a place to stay for a night, others ordering them to leave instantly but not without a little raid from Nur as he stole as much food as human possible then burned down everything else.

Eventually they made their way to a northern tribe who were more than willing to help the two of them out. Northern tribes incorporated some modernness to their lifestyles and introduced these concepts to them. Most those in northern tribes knew about the industrialized portion of the rest of the country but were very happy about their lifestyle anyway and stayed the way they were.

Zaffrea and Neeru were intrigued by all these… new worlds to them basically! Although Nur REALLY hated Zaffrea before, he kind of bonded a bit with her throughout these adventures as he was exposed to the more caring side of Zaffrea.

The northern tribe they were at for a bit as they replenished offered them a way to reach a completely new landscape. It would be unlike they have ever seen before, they warned, but it maybe be just the place Neeru and Zaffrea were looking for. Zaffrea would be able to become stronger through cultural understand and different forms of strength, and Neeru could escape to a completely different world where they would never have to worry about all their past trauma. It was the industrialized portion of Mistral. There a system of getting stronger known as “combat schools” where young people such as themselves learn the ropes of fighting and growing in order to become “huntsman” or people who defend the world from evil. It would be unlike anything they could ever imagine, the way that they lived out there was far beyond what they even had in this tribe.

Zaffrea was immediately interested on this whole combat school thing, while Nur loved the concept of being rid of all his past pain for good. They agreed that that would be there goal.

With help from the northern tribe, they made their way to a nearby city. They travelled by road in this strange… vehicle? They called it? It was a bus, they said that took some villagers to the nearby city at different times if they wanted anything. The bus ride was around half a day, but the vehicle did not compare at all to what they were exposed to in this “city” as it was called. It really was… unlike they could have ever imagined…

They first spent a couple of weeks just jumping around the city, doing everything humanly possible and looking like complete idiots to most as they marvelled at all the lights, buildings, and pretty much everything in sight.

After all their energy was spent, Zaffrea started to look for work for them so they could have someplace better to sleep than the benches at the park. She easily got jobs for them in construction as the company just sloppily made official documentation for them so they could be officially “hired” even though honestly they hired illegal immigrants all the time.

Neither Nur or Neela could handle the construction work, often leaving Zaffrea to do double the work just so they could both get paid. Eventually they were able to get a really crappy room in a really crappy tenant in a REALLY crappy icky place in town.

Oh my gods was this one of the most amazing words Neeru has ever seen!

Neeru couldn’t keep slacking off, before long he was fired when it was discovered that he really couldn’t do anything. With his messy records, he got accepted as this busboy to this slumy restaurant. Best word to describe his time there: absolute hell.

It was around this time where they were starting to culturally adapt to the environment. Zaffrea was beginning to learn a bit of English, but it was difficult for her. Neeru meanwhile picked up on spoken languages instantly and perfected English in no matter of time and since Mistral was a cultural mess of ethnicities, grabbed any language he could come by and just gobbling it up!

While Zaffrea learned to speak English, Neeru learned to get rid of his Indian accent to all its entirety, now fitting in with any normal caucasian if it weren’t for his ugly Indian attire!

They didn’t really have any money to go shopping though, just enough to barely get by as Neeru and Zaffrea learned more to try and find help applying to a combat school.

Though Haven Academy rejected them instantly, having a prejudice for the uncivilized portion of Mistral, Beacon Academy offered them a scholarship.

Before long, Neeru and Zaffrea were transported to another city where they had a larger airport and they set off for Beacon and the next chapter of their lives.


Nur and Neela are two very distinct individuals who are very easy to visualize and understand since they’re very on their extreme ends of personality. Nur and Neela are two completely different people with different auras and they do not share memories. They speak to each other very minimally as they have yet to fully interact with each other, but do have a bit of an understanding each to who the other is with Neela understanding that Nur protects him and Nur understanding that Neela is fragile and needs help often. Nur used to be homophobic until he learned he was gay but has always been rather flirtatious but in a very annoying way. Nur is annoying in general, often making obnoxious and mean comments or even mocking/insulting people in a bullying kind of way. This is his way of trying to cope with being hurt often but is very sensitive and emotional, but in tune to his own feelings as well as those of others. Neela, however, has no emotional attunement at all. While he understands emotions really well, he rather not as it gets him overwhelmed easily. He’s afraid of being out because physical sensations and emotions are too powerful for him, but does have a bit of cuteness to his overall personality. He is soft, gentle, calm and analytical. He intellectually far surpasses his counterpart Nur as he can think in a more abstract way, being able to strategize by analyzing the battlefield perfectly. It’s from him that Neeru in general is able to learn any language given a short amount of time by picking up on different patterns as well as elaborately create games which is still their hobby. But physically, he is useless as he cannot handle anything and often dissociates or severely spaces out, getting distracting very easily and not being able to process/understand very much at any given point when he is out which is minimal. 



He is a student now but used to work a number of odd jobs, ranging from little things in town before getting help with documentation to work in construction then moving into being a busboy when that failed.


He has no official education other than Beacon.



His weapon is his stun gun. It’s mostly a small carry on 9mm pistol with 17 rounds which is so weak that even if it was held to a person’s body, it probably wouldn’t do to much damage unless it was held to their eye or something. While the real bullets hardly do any damage, small and compact dust bullets can be used to emit steam which is easiest for Nur to manipulate. Neela can’t do all that much with it other than be able to aim perfectly but even still hardly stands a chance at fighting.


Kinetic energy manipulation of elements. Neeru can control the kinetic energy of any element. Since Neela and Nur are separate with two different auras but both originate from Neeru”, this semblance is broken up into two parts. Nur is able to control the movement of kinetic energy in elements, meaning he can control things as he’s heating them up. For example, he can control water heating up into steam, and can manipulate the elements around him to pull water from the air and heat it up, almost appearing as though he is materializing the steam. With time, though he isn’t able to do this quite yet, he can heat up air into plasma and control it. Neela can do the opposite, only able to control as the kinetic energy of elements are slowed, during a freezing or condensation process with air into water, Neela can create mist or even further ice. Eventually he will learn to control more solidified elements but is limited to only if the kinetic energy is being slowed throughout the process of manipulation.



Since their aura’s are two different colors, this often conflicts with their soul a bit. Even though their souls are broken apart, two auras in the same body often leads to some sort of psychological confusion. In this case, they are psychologically colorblind in a colorblindness known as Tritanopia but more extreme than how it usually is. Based on how Neela and Nur protect each other, their auras also shelter each other, only allowing them to see shades of their auras, which are red and blue with mostly everything else being grayscale. The video below depicts what the world is like for them, but imagine it as a little more brightly red than clay red and a little more sky blue than cyan/green blue with everything that can’t be translated into these two colors being mostly lighter/duller moving into a grayscale.

Future Outlook

Character Development

Neeru is very well defined, but eventually Nur and Neela are going to learn to co-front with each other which is hopefully going to lead to an intense love between the two. Their integration process is currently being planned and eventually they should cure their psychological color blindness as when they become more united, they also become less dependent on each other. Eventually they should remember all their trauma and be able to resolve it and move on.

Intended Career

Neeru, well Nur particularly as Neela hardly has a say in this matter, only follows Zaffrea to combat school because he doesn’t know what else to do but as he doesn’t really seem to be growing as intended and he honestly doesn’t care at all about combat, he’ll probably drop out and search for a new passion. The music industry is calling for him!


While very separated, Neela and Nur have a very similar goal. To be able to live happily and move on from everything that’s happened to them. Maybe someone important will be thrown in the mixture?

Other Notes

Nur wants to become a pop star now since they can sing incredibly well.

They finally got out of their traditional Indian appearance.


Season 0 (Pilot Season)

BST 2-1

Praying We Don't Run into YOU - 10 EXP

  • Tackles old friends and attacks new ones, headmistress doesn't like him?! (Nur)
  • Appears briefly to flusteringly greet new people (Neela)

True Colors - 100 EXP

  • Shifts desire from golden boy to cherry boy ;3 (Nur)
  • Becomes flustered by commentary to voice (Neela)

Feel Something! - 200 EXP

  • Plays around with Cerise, creating a misunderstanding that leads to sex without “consent” (Nur)
  • Appears during the sexual encounter, distressed and crying (Neela)

How to Learn About People - 75 EXP

  • Shows the major impact of unanticipated sex and great emotional instability (Neela)
  • Offers details about his system, but can’t help but still play around despite the context (Nur)

There But Not There - 20 EXP

  • Mentally undergoes turmoil from trauma; questions his strength and, more importantly, his sexuality (Nur)

Feel More - 140 EXP

  • Comforts Cerise and experiences consensual sex for the first time (Neela)
  • Has fun playing around; is confused by his attraction to Cerise (Nur)

The Day Has Finally Come - 330 EXP

  • Makes a complete fool of himself and starts a lot of love drama during Initiation (Nur)
  • Hides behind his counterpart, but works side by side with him during battle (Neela)

I’m Gay! - 160 EXP

  • Defends the living hell out of Cerise and confesses to him; he’s gay! (Nur)

No Harm Done - 10 EXP

  • Makes a fiery mess during a science lab (Neela)

It Was a Joke - 15 EXP

  • Bullies Grim (Nur)

Petal by Petal - 60 EXP

  • Saves Cerise from further torture (Nur)

You See This Harp String? That's How Straight I Am - 10 EXP

  • Gets rejected by the chameleon snake faunus (Nur)

Practically a Crime - 140 EXP

  • Falls in love with Cerise and is completely devoted to him (Nur)

A Volatile Bunch - 25 EXP

  • Attends Naming Ceremony and breaks up with Jade, moving on to guys (Nur)

Shattered Fantasies - 5 EXP

  • Shows that he’s falling for Syn (Nur)

As Much of an Idiot as You Make Yourself out to Be - 20 EXP

  • Lets go of being “Grimm” (Nur)

Comforting Need - 120 EXP

  • Shows Cerise love and attention during Zaffrea’s leave (Nur)

Cerise at His Worst - 160 EXP

  • Is willing to defend Cerise no matter what the cost and shoots Grim’s eye out on accident (Nur)

Looking for a Little More - 50 EXP

  • Shows interest in another multiple personality system, Shiro (Nur)

A Guy’s Night Out - 130 EXP

  • Discovers a new passion for singing and for Shiro (Nur)
  • Joins Nur in a bit of singing (Neela)

You Will Become My Boyfriend After This - 30 EXP

  • Goes out with Shiro but wants to only have fun (Nur)

So Damn Cute - 140 EXP

  • Tries to break up with Cerise and suggests for them to have a different kind of relationship (Nur)
  • Promises to work anything out with Cerise so that he is happy (Neela)

You’re so Fucking Cute! - 140 EXP

  • Goes on date with Cerise and is cute! Changes Neeru’s wardrobe to match them better! (Neela)

That Was Classic - 130 EXP

  • Has a moment in the rain with his crush, Auric (Nur)

The Real Hype - 150 EXP

  • Goes to a concert and falls in love, wants to be a pop star! (Nur)

I Am Sorry if I Dragged You into This... - 125 EXP

  • Tries to go on a mission with Shiro, but leaves early (Nur)

Season 1

Pink Was Never Really My Color

  • Interrupts a moment with Mei Ming and Cerise, insults Mei Ming and causes Mei Ming and Cerise’s break up (Nur)

She Couldn't Stand Him - 15 EXP

  • Comforts Cerise after his break up with Mei Ming and before he reunites with Zaffrea (Nur)

Making This All Worth It..? - 135 EXP

  • Gets into a relationship with Shiro (Neela)

You Will Be Required to Adapt - 230 EXP

  • Attends testing and breaks Shiro's heart (Nur)
  • Is broken (Neela)

No Competition - 40 EXP

  • Is petrified with fear because of Ratka but tries unsuccessfully to protect Neeru anyway

Were All of This Planet's Natives like This?! - 70 EXP

  • Gets stepped on by a red robot alien and tries to communicate with him (Nur)
  • Doesn't know what's going on and gets led away by Syn who has "certain" plans (Neela)