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Dodger's Color

Dodger was at the cabin he called home with his wife, Chartreuse, and their three month old son, Jin. It seemed like an ordinary night, but something felt off. He felt as if they were being watched.

He waited till Chartreuse had left to put Jin in his crib before quickly grabbing his bow and quiver of arrows. He would do a quick patrol of the forest that surrounded the cabin. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

But as he left the cabin and made his way towards the treeline, he could feel a pair of eyes following his movements. He knew the feeling a little too well. As a safety precaution, he notched an arrow into his bow, not drawing it back just yet, as he entered the forest.

Carmine's Color

Meanwhile, a pair of blood red eyes watched from the tree tops, a sharp teeth gleamed in the moonlight in the form of a malicious grin. The soft beating if leather wings filled the silence as a shadowy figure moved down to tracks its prey.

Cerulean Color

Coming by with a few helpful gifts for the young child Jin, this was Cerulean's fifth trip this month. Or so it seemed. There was something that enrapped the tall blonde figure about this family, something that touched his heart. Though this was not an unusual feeling for him, it didn't mean that he wasn't drawn to it. Perhaps there was an aspect of it was drawn to him too. Or maybe it was darkness or mal intention as usual.

No... wait, Cerulean shook his head as he felt something... off about the tranquility of this nice evening. As someone who... experienced darkness close to his non existent heart, it was fairy easy to pick up on an feeling of an entity of malice and bloodlust near. Without much fear for himself and rather the family he cared about, Cerulean went up to the small cabin in the forest and knocked on the door softly, not knowing that his friend, Dodger had already left.

Chartreuse's Color

Chartreuse was about to head to the master bedroom when she heard a knock on the door. She wondered who it could be that was stopping by so late. Perhaps it was someone who had just gotten lost. 

As she made her way to the door, she took notice that Dodger's bow and quiver was missing from where he had placed them by the door. Figuring her husband must have gone out to hunt, she kept her guard up just to be safe.

"Who is it?" She asked, peaking out the window that was by the door, trying into get a look at who was knocking.

Dodger's Color

Meanwhile, Dodger had made his way deeper into the forest, his ears swiveling as he tried to locate the threat, completely unaware of the shadow figure that followed him from the trees. It had almost seemed as if the hunter had become the hunted.

Cerulean Color

Not so oblivious to the dangers lurking around him, but more concerned with his desire to keep Dodger's family safe, Cerulean smiled lightly when he heard Chartreuse's enchanting voice. He didn't want to put more thoughts about it in respect for Dodger but it was a pleasant feeling to be able to hear her. Though, sensing her concern, he warped the reality around them to allow him to radiate with warmth and positivity and allow her worries to be qualmed, a distraction for now as he was more than confident in being able to handle any threat if there was any. "Char?" he said brightly, "It's me. Cerulean. I brought gifts for little Jin."

Chartreuse's Color

Chartreuse seemed to relax as a soft smile graced her lips. She stood straight as she opened the door and stepped out of the way for Cerulean could enter.

She had met Cerulean a few times. She knew he was a good friend of Dodger's and often came by to see him. She didn't understand just why, but things always seemed calm and peaceful whenever Cerulean was around. She had even notice that his presence even helped Dodger relax whenever he was stressed.

"Hello again, Cerulean. It has been quite some time since we have last seen you. Please come in. Dodger's out right now but I am sure he will be home soon. Probably out hunting. And that is so sweet of you. I am sure Jin will love them." She said.

Dodger's Color

In the forest, Dodger had stopped and was about to make his way back towards the cabin when a sudden force knocked him off his feet, sending him to the ground. His arrow had been knocked loose from his bow from the fall only for a slender foot to kick it further away from him.

With a soft groan, Dodger looked up to see a blood red eye staring down at him, the moonlight iluminating pure white hair that was in a pixie cut and styled so that the left eye was covered and a malicious grin. A mark went over they eye almost like a scar and matched the color of the figures eyes.

Upon further inspection, he was able to make out the individual above him was feminine in appearance, dressed in a carmine red leather corset and black leather mini skirt with a black spiked collar and black leather boots that seemed to go to her knees. He also took note of the small black bat wings that were on her back and accented in a deep blood red.

Carmine's Color

"Why hello there little kitty. I've been waiting for you." The woman said, her voice dripping with dark intentions.

Cerulean Color

Focused on keeping things light and positive as he entered the cabin, his nicely wrapped bag in hand as he smiled back to Chartreuse. It was always very nice to see her smile. In effort to make sure the smile stayed, Cerulean purposefully dismissed his worries about Dodger being out, but instead acted playful about it, "My, do you always let your husband out so late?" he said in a jestful tone as he turned back to inspect the home, "Jin is asleep, I'm assuming? I just brought some helpful items and a couple toys, nothing major but should help out some. These few months can be draining and I care about the wellbeing of all of you." He sighed lightly and took a nearby seat to place the bag down.

Chartreuse's Color

Chartreuse smiled as she closed the door behind him. Letting out a small chuckle, she made her way towards the doorway that lead into the kitchen.

"I know better than to keep Dodger cooped up. Sometimes I wonder who has more energy between him and Jin. Thank you by the way. The gift is very thoughtful. Is there anything you would like to drink?" She asked.

Dodger's Color

While things seemed peaceful in the cabin, they were anything but in the forest. The mysterious woman had attacked Dodger, only to be met with retaliation. For every hit she got on him, he managed to get one on her.

He bit back each cry of pain, quickly using a tree for cover when he could. He was unaware Cerulean had stopped by, and he couldn't risk Chartreuse hearing him and rushing out to try to help.

"Why are you here?" He asked as he notched an arrow, preparing to fire it at his assailant.

Carmine's Color

"'re close to my true target.... I'll need your help to take what it is I require." The woman said, smirking as she began to flex her fingers.

"My name is Carmine Vigdis and you, pretty little kitty, are going to help me kill the Author." She added, seeing no harm in giving a name.

Dodger's Color

"As if I would help you murder my wife." Dodger said with a low growl.

He knew fully well what the woman was talking about. He had aided Chartreuse in her research on what was apparently called the Fate Keepers. How this woman knew was of no concern to him. But what was, was keeping her away from his family. Even if it costed him his life.

Cerulean Color

Cerulean gave a very pleasant sounding laugh, continuing the nice exchange. "Like father like son," he said warmly and nodded, accepting the request. For the pleasentries, there was an apporpriately unspoken different exchange between the two. One of deep understanding of one another. This was one of the few people the world had to offer that would do so. Maybe that's why he felt so intimately close to this family. It was the adventuerer a "settling" type of feeling. Which was pleasant. "Char, are you happy?" he asked, though suddenly, it was a question filled with warm curiosity as he began to subtly pick up on something off in the distant area. Focusing not on it however, it was not investigated further.

Chartreuse's Color

Chartreuse had went into the kitchen to get Cerulean a glass of water, returning just in time to hear his question. She seemed a bit surprised as she walked over and handed him the glass.

"Of course I am. Why do you ask?" She questioned.

The question seemed to really take her by surprise. She and Dodger weren't having any issues at all, and he was very loving and protective towards both her and their son. He was also a kind individual all around. She honestly found it difficult not to be happy. 

Sure, she worried from time to time, but that was because she worried Dodger would get hurt when out alone, which was only natural. He was either out protecting people from Grimm or somewhere where people who had a large dislike of faunus were. She knew he could take care of himself, but that never eased her worries.

Carmine's Color

But tonight seemed to be a different case, as Carmine slowly began to gain the upper hand. While she was able to remain completely focused on the battle, Dodger had to focus on both the fight and keeping it all quiet.

Dodger's Color

Deciding to take the battle farther into the forest to get more distance from the cabin, Dodger took off running, glancing back over his shoulder.

Carmine's Color

Carmine just laughed as she took off after him. She wasn't a fool. She fully knew what he was doing. But, she was in a playful mood. Once she grew tired of the charade, she would start taking the fight more seriously. Besides, what fun is a toy if you don't really play with them?

Cerulean Color

Smiling till in a little more of a pensive way, he reached over and took a hold of the glass of water, his fingers grazing over her hand as he did so. A feeling that was less than... real. Before taking some of the water, he put the glass down to talk to her, "I know you are, and I don't mean to ask if you have been otherwise. I just... wanted to understand it better. You're always so filled with positivity. It's exceeding and in a lot of ways I've come to understand it, as something real rather than illusionary. Your husband is a very lucky man, Char." He smiled again, and somewhat picked up on an eerie outside. A frown was a mix of concern and dismissal.

Chartreuse's Color

Chartreuse smiled softly at him. She wouldn't lie if she was asked if she felt close to Cerulean. She did feel some sort of a connection with the being. He was very close friends with her husband and with her. In fact, he was close enough that both she and Dodger agreed to discuss with him about becoming Jin's godfather.

She was about to comment when she noticed him frown. She had never really known him to frown before and to see the expression he wore sent chills down her spine. Just as she opened her mouth to ask what was wrong, she suddenly heard a pain filled cry coming from the forest.

She immediately jumped up, her heart almost stopping as her body went numb. She looked out the window towards the forest as her hand reached up to clutch at her chest. She knew that sound all to well and it was one that she always dreaded.

"That was Dodger.." She said worriedly.

And she wasn't wrong. 

Dodger's Color

It had been Dodger. He was no longer able to remain silent, no matter how hard he tried.

He had managed to dodge a few of Carmine's attacks, but she quickly grew tired of playing. So, she became serious. Deadly serious.

So now, here they were. Dodger had been disarmed and was now laying on the forest floor, holding onto his left shoulder that now had a machete lodged deep enough to actually be stuck within bone.

Carmine's Color

Carmine was grinning wickedly as she walked towards her prey. She held her hand up, her fingers curved as if she was holding something. There seemed to be a slight shimmer around her hand as four stakes suddenly appeared out of thin air.

"It was fun little kitty, but I grow tired." Carmine said before moving quickly.

Dodger's Color

Do to his wound, Dodger's reflex time was lowered considerably. 

Carmine's Color

Within moments, Carmine had managed to jump him and took her time shoving the spikes into his wrists and ankles, using them to pin him to the ground.

"Now, for the real fun." She said, holding her hand as if holding some sort of blade.

The same shimmer occurred one more as what appeared to be a scalpel appeared in her hand. The blade shined slightly in the moonlight.

Dodger's Color

Dodger watched with narrowed eyes. He made peace with himself as he prepared with what would surely come. He had been bested in battle and received too many wounds. That and he would always refuse to help her harm his family. He would not break and he knew, because of this, she would more than likely dispose of him.

Cerulean Color

Cerulean's eyes widened in a slight despair as his need to be filled with the illusion of happiness distracted him from the initial worry that lead to his facade actions in the first place. Also because... he also recognized that scream and knew it could only mean one thing... He shot up and followed Chartreuse, putting a hand on her shoulder than turning her around gently and looking seriously in her eyes which shone with concern and sighed, making his hold a little bit firmer, "Char.... You need to stay and watch over Jin, I'll go," he said with a level of seriousness though his warmth maintained itself. He kissed her forehead as a calming departure before he darted outside, ready to face whatever it was that caused his best friend to scream.

Warping reality knowing that life and everything around it was but an illusion he pulled the location of where the battle was occurring towards him, instantly being within far range of sight of the monstrosity that was... Carmine... But seeing her caused him to fall back with shock. He pulled away and ended his existence for a brief moment. Not that he existed but he needed to reorder himself. How..... how could she still be alive? He should have had full control over her destruction... but how...

Chartreuse's Color

Chartreuse took a deep shaky breath as she nodded her head. She went to the master bedroom and grabbed her gun out of her bedside drawer before going to Jin's room when she heard him cry.

She sat her gun down on the dresser and carefully picked him up, trying to calm him down as she looked out the window.

"You two better return safely..." Chartreuse said, barely speaking above a whisper.

Carmine's Color

Carmine looked up from her handy work when she sensed something. Looking around, she gave a small shrug before continuing on her work. But she still kept her guard up as she grinned down at the now very bloody Dodger.

Dodger's Color

He was struggling to remain conscious at this point, his blood staining the ground beneath him. A cut in the shape of a Y was on his chest, starting at his shoulders.

Carmine's Color

Carmine had made sure to be surgically precise. She didn't want to kill her toy just yet. After all, she still had plans for him.

" ready to be a good little kitty?" Carmine asked, smirking light as she reached down, preparing to peel back the skin, tissue, and muscle.

If he wasn't ready, she could also take a look at what made him tick. Perhaps she could even remove a few ribs to start a collection.

Dodger's Color

"Over. My. Cold. Dead. Body." Dodger replied weakly.

He had already made his peace. His family was everything to him. And if dying meant keeping them safe, then so be it.

Cerulean Color

Running towards where he knew they were, Cerulean realized the limitations of being so strong of an illusion and still partially tied to the normal laws that govern this world. Yet he still ran towards the danger, ready to eliminate the evil forces in all its entirety. The reek of blood overpowering his senses as his eyes widened with a disheartened dismay over the sight of Dodger. "D-doger..." he gasped out.. He closed his eyes before growling at Carmine, "I thought I killed you," he directed towards her.

Dodger's Color

"C... Cerulean..." Dodger said weakly, turning to look at his old friend.

He was struggling to remain conscious. He could feel his life draining from his body as he continued to lose more blood.

Carmine's Color

Carmine looked towards Cerulean and laughed as she stood up, still holding the blood scalpel in her hand. She remembered him all too well. He had tried to kill her once before. But she had managed to survive by pure luck at the time. However, this time would be different. She was stronger and wiser than the last time they had met.

"Sorry to disappoint, but I am not done with my playtime just yet. And what have I told you about interfering when I am in the process of breaking in a new toy?" She asked cockily, motioning to Dodger with the bloody blade of her scalpel.

Cerulean Color

Cerulean glowered as he spoke with a dark tone, "You are nothing but an illusion..." In that statement, the bloody scapel seemed to disappear but it was only the fact that Cerulean was taking advantage of the fact that it didn't exist and moved it to closer view. In a way, this meant that Dodger had never been injured, giving him some peace and alleviation during his death process though at this point not being able to render the illusion of the death null. Smiling, he moved closer to her and cupped her cheek in a humiliating way, "You have lived your long life wanting to control forces that are simply beyond your reach. Unfortunately, there is no redemption for you and I regret having ever been the one to bring you into this world, as nonexistent as you are." As intimidating as he sounded in his knowledge, he failed to realize what exactly she could do with said knowledge.

Carmine's Color

Carmine gave a bitter laugh as she looked Cerulean directly in the eyes. There was a slight craze look to them, as well as an immense bitterness. So, she had him to thank for everything. Well, she would have to be sure to thank him, for everything.

"Nonexistent? How fitting and ironic. You say I am an illusion....but tell that to the families of the 199 victims have already claim. And this little kitty will make 200. I am have no desire for redemption. No need. Not when all this started....with the need for revenge. And if you claim to have been the one to bring me into this world, then I have you to thank. For my youth being a living hell and for me having to put up with that bitch and her bastard of a husband." Carmine said.

Little did he know though, she had every intention to use the knowledge he had shared with her to her advantage. If what he said was true, that she was truly nonexistent, then there was surely nothing she could not get away with. Perhaps, she should up her game then.

And she would start with this man. The one who was the cause of all of her pain. It was because of him her own mother had shunned her. It was because of him, she had become a monster.

Dodger's Color

Dodger continued to lay on the ground, feeling some of his pain had eased, but he still knew it did not change what would happen. He could still feel is life slipping away. So, to retain the last of his strength, he remained silent as he watched and listened to the two.

If what his friend had said was true, then the woman was able to kill by using illusions, tricking the minds of her victims. However, he had a distinct feeling that wasn't the full case. He had a guy feeling that there was more to this woman than what either of them had witnessed.

Cerulean Color

Never one for dealing with consequences, Cerulean had a hard time finding importance in the effects of his actions. He only truly lived in the present and even so barely. As if each moment passed onto the next one seamlessly. Therefore... he never really gave much of a care enough to the relationships he had, what kind of things were produced from them, including offspring or how they connected with the present. As none of them really affected him, he was the one who was passing through reality from an setting where reality wasn't a feature, not the other way around.

And so... he also rarely participated in confrontation. As if the original purpose to being was as non existant as he was. The entire reason he was here, the only reason he could be. Was a sin eater or consumer of entities all evil. If this one... truly had no remorse and no quality for redemption, then wasn't his job already done for him? There wasn't a need to ponder much on this, illusionary details were never one needing question but rather enforcement of the premise underlying them themselves. As he stayed put, a force emenated from his body, warping the surrouding reality in the visual of waves. Waves that exercises their right to pass through all living matter. Of course it was not effecting this living matter, it was as if they were both transported into a realm where reality wasn't a factor and they could not touch the consequent reality. There were... elsewhere, where the reality in which they previously existed was foldable, writable, editable, and much more. They could each pass their hand right through the folds of the reality around them without even a touch into it. 

"You're never going back from this point," he said, almost with a hint of softness as he recalled the woman he had loved from the reality he tried so hard to exist in but would be cursed forever to merely be somewhat of a present force within, "From this point... you cannot effect what you previously thought was real. You take petty pleasure in the reality in which you are not even a factor of. But you will not be able to get beyond from this point, everything you ever were, everything you will ever be is simply a compilation of nothing. The sooner you realize that. The easier it'll be. Last time, I tried consuming the evil within you to destroy you. But I don't even need to do that. You're already destroyed. You already don't belong. And never will."

Carmine's Color

Carmine closed her eyes and darkly laughed, slowly opening them. She didn't seemed phased at all by his words or by what was going on around them. And why should she? It was as he said. She didn't belong. She learned this cold true back when she was very young. But there was some falsehood in his words. She would get beyond this point. She had every intention of that much.

"Me? Destroyed? No. I am far from that. All you did is reinstate what I knew long ago. There is no one I can rely on. No one I can count on. Not in reality or even the fucking illusion of it. I can only rely on myself and the power I possess." She said.

The area around her began to warp in a different way, almost like a shimmer, similar to heated air or the air around a mirage. It slowly spread out as she kept eye contact with the man that had brought her into the world. The one who had essentially created her.

"You know, things never had to be this way. All of those people didn't have to die. He didn't have to suffer. But you failed, miserably. You got so wrapped up in your own little world, your own little reality. Meanwhile, I have been dealing with the backlash of your failings as a father. You don't know the hell I have been going through.....because OF YOU!" She said, clenching her fists.

"I am going to enjoy eliminating your existence before I steal that woman's Fate Keeper ability while using her loving husband as my puppet. And do not worry FATHER......I will make sure they know that their suffering was because of you." She said bitterly, using the term 'father' as if it was some sort of poison.

Cerulean Color

Cerulean shook his head for a moment, unaffected by the movement that circled her portion of the warped reality. It was a while as he actually processed the words that came from his daughter. Something he wouldn't normally do, he would just let anything pass as anything would. There was no way around it this time. It wasn't as if he was going to admit the truth to her words as it didn't affect him still. But there was truth to them nonetheless even if it was from her perspective.

Her perspective...

Though... these things... they never really mattered to much. Very little did. Cerulean was this time trying to help since obliterating the evil as simply as he had tried previously seemed ineffective. Though he quickly realized where Carmine was wrong as he opened his eyes and locked onto Carmine's, freezing her in place, "This isn't your world to do as you please," he said, "And if you truly realized everything I said earlier, you wouldn't be complaining as if you had a life that would matter. Because you don't, you don't even grasp the beginnings of what it is to be something that you are. And trust me, I've been doing this much longer than you have and have the capacity to put you in your place where you belong. If you actually wanted to make a difference in this world, if you actually had goals like you say, then you already failed me. No, no, you failed yourself and everything you could be. You're pinning things on me when you haven't the slightest clue what it all means. I would step back if I were you and reexamine everything you're doing. Because there is so much you're missing while being the pathetic wretch you are, do you hear me?" he said sternly. 

Cerulean never had the intention to be something to create other life, never thought it possible but just went along with it as it happened, making sure that there was as least amount of interactions with his true self and his nonexistance as possible. So that he wouldn't raise more of what he was and instead a normal child. Nevertheless, situations change and he quickly abandons these families as he discovers a new life. This was the first time he was having to deal with the consequences of his actions. And he was not liking it.

Carmine's Color

Carmine glared at the man, no.....the THING before her. He was no different than she was in regards of not being existent. Like her, he was nothing more than an illusion. One that, like her, had only caused pain and sadness. He ruined lives like she did, but he was apparently too blind and naive to see that. Then, perhaps, she should open is his.

"Say what you will. But it matters not to me. I know the truth....the WHOLE truth. We're more alike than what you realize, or than what you accept. We both ruin lives. We both leave despair in our wake. The only difference is....the despair I leave isn't as long lasting. And I have not failed myself, nor have I failed anyone. I have no one to fail and I will never fail myself as long as I keep fighting towards my goal....and that is cleansing myself of every aspect of the likes of YOU! You have no idea what it was like....laying in bed every night when I was young.....waiting for you to come and save me while HE took advantage of me! Used me for his own fucking perverse pleasure!" She shouted.

Had she been capable of doing so, she would have been shedding tears by this point. But there were no tears to shed. And she did not give a single fuck. She was no about to let a nonexistent piece of shit stop her or change her mind. He no longer had that kind of power over her. She intended on breaking all ties with him and completely erase him.

"And you should follow your own advice. Why not take a step back and look and what you have been doing? Why is it that you still cling to any of this? What is it you are searching for? Love? Acceptance? A sense of belonging? That is a joke. You know that? No one is ever going to truly accept you. You are never going to truly belong. Those are the truths I learned long ago. And as for love? Why bother? I have no intentions of looking for something as ridiculous as that. But it seems allow me to share some advice with you for a change.....The only woman who could ever love you is a real pathetic wrench!" She spat out.

Suddenly, her image seemed to shatter like glass as she disappeared, only for an unseen force to hit Cerulean from behind with the same force of a tornado.

Had she been like any of her other siblings, Carmine might have remained frozen in place, but she wasn't. She was technically on a level all her own. And the reason? The darkness that came with her Threads of Fate. It fueled her, empowered her. And as long as she was willing to give in to that power, it would continue to strengthen her.

"Why don't you just fade away like a good little illusion father? You've probably hurt far more people than I have. Every child your create, every heart you break by leaving. The world is just a play thing. I have accepted this. But yet, you dare try to lecture me about the reality of things when you treated it as just as much as a game." She mocked as she prepared to attack him once again from behind.

Cerulean Color

Nothing ever really got to Cerulean. However, when he heard about the life his daughter, his own (nonexistant) flesh and blood, it tugged at his heart (if he actually had one). It made him reexamine a little bit. What if he was more than an illusion that could only touch the surrounding reality? Was that even a possibility for him and if he were to actually consider the feelings of this half illusion would it make any difference on him and what was produced of him? He had to admit, his daughter was like him in every way, despite their drastically different paths they chose to take. He had failed her, as a father figure, failed that family, and left it. Leaving it despite not being there or having ever been there in the first place, what kind of father did that make him, what kind of person? Was he even worth life at this rate if he was going to abuse the life he was given to cause harm? What made him better than the evil he consummed to grow in power?

No... he wasn't going to give in. At this rate, he'd consume himself if he ever caved into the dark thoughts that loomed across his shoulder perpetually. 

He took the attack at first and almost succumbed to it but he quickly turned and with a glare and as he did outstretched his arms as he grabbed the exterior reality as if it was a blanket over them and wrapped Carmine tightly in it, not letting go as he strangled her in the workings of her own life. As she was enveloped by this blanket of reality, the surroundings from which it was torn became black and empty all over, to show the nothingness of which both of them belonged and where he was going to lock Carmine in, "You have been living too long. Your life... everything you could ever experience or have, it stays here and doesn't change. You hear me? I have made my mistakes. I realize that now, but in order for me to move on, I'm going to have to destroy my past bridges to form a new ones. This is it for you," he took a huge breath in as he planned to consume her, for her as a being who was evil, could be affected by the abilities he had of destroying the existence of which and taking the consequent power.

Carmine's Color

Carmine cried out, clenching her fists the best she could, closing her eyes tightly as a bizarre pain spread over her body. She knew exactly what it was that he was doing. She knew what he intended to do. She began to falter, doubting if she even truly had the strength to resist him, resist the complete nothingness. But just as she was close to throwing in the towel, something began to course through her, eliciting a soft gasp from her.

Behind her eyelids, she began to see flashes of her childhood, of the torment she had endured. The neglect. The humiliation. The hatred. The distaste. How she began to lose faith and trust in the world, in him. The feeling of being able to rely on only herself. The feeling of being alone.

No aura

<Remember now? Remember all the torment and suffering you endured? All you going to finally give in to that? After all this time? I thought you wanted to overcome it? I thought you wanted immense power in order to make yourself more than some mere illusion who lived in its creators shadow? I thought you wanted to finally sever all ties with your failure of a father. What happened to all that talk? To all the determination and desire? What happened to making sure he NEVER harmed another family ever again? That no more of your so called siblings suffered in the same way you had? You have your chance! What. Are. You. Waiting. For?> A dark gravely voice stated in her mind, echoing throughout the recesses of her mind.

Carmine&#039;s Color

She gritted her teeth, growling softly before her eyes snapped open. She glared at Cerulean with pure anger and hatred. There was no way in hell she would let him win! She worked to hard, endured too much, to just give in now.

With new found strength, she pushed back against the blanket of reality he had wrapped her so tightly in. Tears slowly began to form throughout it as she slowly began to fight her way out of it, slowly regaining some of her mobility.

"You think I will be so easily beaten? What. A. Joke! You think that burning your past bridges mean anything to me? They don't. And just because have realized your mistakes mean nothing either. What is the point of realizing anything if you learn nothing? That is our greatest difference. With every realization, I learn and I grow while you merely remain the same idiotic fool. Let me tell you what I have realized....I have realized that if I back down, you win. And I can't let that happen. I have to end you today because if I don't....everything will be for nothing....every struggle and hardship will go to waste.......I will have more so called siblings that will suffer in the same way I have if not worse....I have to break that cycle by destroying the very illusion that is you." She said before grinning darkly at him.

But she still seemed to falter. She had the strength and the blanket of reality was weakened enough to fully break free but yet she did no such thing. It was almost as if she was hesitating. But, why? Why would she falter and lose the leverage she had slowly gained?

She tried to get her body to move, to break free and attack, but something kept her in the state of between freedom and restriction. What was it? What was the strange feeling that kept tugging at the back of her mind? Was it because that, despite everything. Despite what all she had endured and what all she said, thought, and felt, he was still her father.

Was she faltering because he, despite all of his faults and mistakes, was family nonetheless? No. That couldn't be it. He had ABANDONED her! He had left her to SUFFER! She was the way she was now because of HIM.

If that were true then, why could she not bring herself to continue on with this? If she didn't he would END her! Unlike her, he was not faltering. He was set on eliminating her entirely. He probably viewed her as something broken that wasn't worth fixing and was preparing to toss her in the trash. He was no different then THEM.

~We'll see who is the broken one...~ She thought bitterly before she shattered like glass, bending her own illusionary self in order to move from her confines to a few feet behind him, her back turned as she slowly rolled her shoulders.

She could easily attack him now, but she did not. Instead, she just stood there, almost as if she was.....waiting.

Cerulean Color

As he began to feel her falter slightly, Cerulean withheld. There was no doubt in his mind what he had to do, what he was GOING to do, but Cerulean paused nonetheless. Was it to hand her the leverage needed to allow her to come back and destroy him? Was it to prolong her suffering and inevitable destruction as he was completely certain in his ability to annihilate the force and being in front of him? He didn't know but nonetheless he passed the control back over to Carmine and was unwavering when she came back at him with that horrid glare.

A glare now? How immature... She was about to die, she could at least try to make a prettier expression. 

He was silent as he let her talk. Enough was enough. This was not going to continue. A being, a mortal such as herself had no idea of the powers she had within her and she kept disappointing him by abusing that power given to her by him. But he wouldn't have it anymore. 

He knew what he needed to do. For everyone and both of their sakes. This monstrosity would not be allowed to see the light of another day, his purpose was to rid the world of evil and there was no better example of it than what was in front of him now. That's what he kept telling himself...

But the angrier he became, he realized the angrier he was with himself more than anyone. For allowing this to happen, for creating the pain and destruction. Was he feeling... sorry? No that was impossible. An illusion has no concept of guilt or sorrow, an illusion is simply a nonexistant force that touches reality. Yet he maneuvered his life in such a way where it was impossible to ignore the long term affects of his continual actions. He thought so much about himself that stopping to think of what things meant on a grander scale was completely foreign to him. He had no idea why it was bothering him so much yet the restlessness of the feeling remained....

He was sorry...

He was sorry he caused hurt, caused the pain, caused for his own creations to suffer, including Carmine. How many people and families had he abandoned in all his life? How many people were counting on his return and he just never... came back? How many times was it possible that he destroyed the life of an innocent by not being there as he was responsible for? 

This was his daughter, his flesh and blood if he had any and he had allowed monstrosities happen to her and look what she has become. It wasn't her fault... No, it was his... He remembered that wife he had left... how her behavior is the direct result of his leaving. 

But... what could he do about it now...? Destroy his creation or let her destroy him...?


Cerulean stopped everything and quickly turned. As he did, he used his abilities to cut the distance between them until there was only a small amount of space within an instant as he, taking advantage of her frozen state raised his hand and quickly brought it down with a loud "SMACK" as he slapped her across the face with a glare in his. 

As the smack occurred, they phased back into their reality. 

That was it then, he wasn't going to allow for needless destruction as he did in the past. No... he was turning over a new leaf. But if he was going to do that, then he was going to hold it up to his daughter to do the same. Opening his mouth, Cerulean spoke to Carmine, "Go out there and make me proud, my daughter," he said before he reached over and gently picked up the passed out Dodger who was left there throughout their battle and turned to leave with a hospital as a destination. 

Life was going to go well from this point forward. Cerulean would become a father to a lovely wife and caretaker to a family. His family. 

The only set back being that Cerulean may forget some small things. Like leaving Dodger in the hospital in a coma for an extended period of time and forgetting he was there and forgetting to tell anyone. Yeah... little things like that.

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