Missy Stormcloud is a miscellaneous character played by Richard Hronik.

Missy color


STRENGTH 1,750 Missy’s slender frame disguises her physical prowess. She has been known to overpower those much larger than her in physical combat, using leverage to her advantage when sheer force won’t give her what she needs.
ENDURANCE 1,000 Missy’s Aura capabilities may not be the most refined, but they are still noteworthy, nonetheless. Her Aura can allow her to recover from minor to moderate injuries within minutes, and her Berserk Semblance can leave an effect that lasts for thirty minutes, if not an hour, and can affect upwards of a dozen people before exhausting her.
PERCEPTION 500 Missy doesn’t really bother with aiming because her combat style is more up-close and personal. If her opponent is far away, it’s no matter. They won’t be able to hit her hard enough to do any real damage, so she can just play with them until they decide to come and be friends.
AGILITY 500 Missy doesn’t care if she’s slow. She can afford to be because whoever she’s fighting can’t put a scratch on her. And if she’s slow, it’s just more time for them to be friends!
CONSTITUTION 1,250 Missy prefers to play the long game in battle, taking hits if she can’t dodge them and toying with her opponent before dealing the decisive blow. This is reflected in her defensive capabilities.
TOTAL 5,000 /10,000



Kimberly Freeman


Missy was born and raised in a small town far to the south of Vale. Even in her tight-knit community, she was never quite like the other children. While they were drawing pictures of their houses and families, Missy drew herself burning her house down, with her family nowhere in sight. While they were playing tag, Missy was trying to summon demons (thankfully to no avail). When they watched cat videos on the internet, Missy was watching horror movies. Her parents always knew that she was “special” but gave her her space in hope that it was all just a phase. When it didn’t stop, they reluctantly accepted that this was their daughter and knew they’d have to live with the fact that. They did their best to support her, but for them, it was hard.They were, of course, overjoyed when Missy began to somewhat drift away from her love of the occult and take more of an interest in music. In particular, she was interested in darker, punkier genres, to the point where she taught herself how to sing. It was a rather rocky start (much to the chagrin of her parents and anyone who heard her in her early days of practicing) but after enough time, she drastically improved.

When she finished grade school, she decided she wanted to take some lessons at Beacon just to have something to do until she decided what to do with her life. She managed to graduate in three years, largely due to the fact that she felt that any more would be a waste and was able to “convince” the staff to fast-track her through the prerequisites. Her grades weren’t the best, but her parents were still impressed.

Once she’d finished at Beacon, Missy decided to travel around Remnant and see what it had to offer while still working on her music. She is considering taking guitar lessons to expand her repertoire. She is currently residing in Vacuo, though she has plans to make for Atlas before long.


Missy is known to be a very perky individual, maintaining a cheery attitude at almost all times. She has also retained her passion for the occult and unusual, though her focus now is on her love for music. When angered, she turns from almost overly happy and bubbly to very sinister and, as many would say, creepy. Her usually well-meaning smile turns sinister, and she becomes very violent. It is advised to stay on her good side, as those who make her upset usually find themselves in the intensive care unit.



Missy is taking singing gigs when she can get them. They pay her bills for the time being, but she would like to get with a band.


3 years of training at Beacon Academy, grade school education



Mr. Socks – an oversized butcher’s knife that Missy wields one-handed. Dust cartridges can be inserted in the hilt to give the blade an elemental charge.


Berserk – Missy’s Semblance causes those affected to gain a drastic increase in physical strength. Someone who was previously weak as a fly would be able to knock down a brick wall with ease. However, those affected also fly into a blind rage, attacking both friend and foe indiscriminately.

Future Outlook

Character Development

Missy will grow as she reacts to her new environment

Intended Career

Singer/rock star or paranormal investigator, she can’t decide


Just enjoy life while she’s young and live in the moment

Other Notes

Normal Theme

Battle On by One-Eyed Doll (AdventureQuest Worlds Theme)04:17

Battle On by One-Eyed Doll (AdventureQuest Worlds Theme)

Battle Theme




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