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Mauve Violet Taupe is a professor character played by Arthur Klimczak-Simul.


STRENGTH 5,000 Packs in the punch!
ENDURANCE 2,000 Needs energy, DUH!
PERCEPTION 500 Who needs that much aim? Just blow things up!
AGILITY 500 Don’t need speed, I can take a few hits!
CONSTITUTION 2,000 See immediate above
TOTAL 10,000 /10,000



Vi Voice - English - League of Legends(Vi Animation Login full)02:29

Vi Voice - English - League of Legends(Vi Animation Login full)

Vi Voice - Português Brasileiro (Brazilian Portuguese) - League of Legends02:21

Vi Voice - Português Brasileiro (Brazilian Portuguese) - League of Legends


You could say… Mauve was BORN into her job for the next twenty years! Her parents had always been social activists against Mistralese politics. But it was always in the safety of their luxurious home!!! At least it was this safety in wealth that allowed Mauve to start off with a voice!!! And a voice as loud as hers HAD TO BE HEARD, RIGHT?! Well, it didn’t and turning one way then the next, Mauve entered a band of small young crooks that would try and break into banks around the age of 10-12. They failed each time! HAH, kid stuff!!! No one took them seriously… THEIR MISTAKE!!! This was before Mauve got her hands on her one true love to come…  All her life she had never needed just consumption of food, she’s always needed electricity and would cause blackouts in the city every now and then. Girl gotta eat, you know what I mean? Her energy semblance relied on draining portions of cities every once in a while to charge and keep herself active and alive. Sun didn’t seem to work, she ain’t no solar panel after all!!! But she did sustain herself fairly well, again, wealthy family and all the perks!!!  When she got hands on a broken gun she found when she broke into a museum one day, she realized she could SHOT the energy from her semblance rather than JUST keep her alive!!!! From that day forward it was massive explosion after explosion into her life. Mauve became an anarchist terrorist obsessed with gun power; her name was Jinx. She was once part of a mob under a very tyrant of a black haired queen but was kicked out after that queen saw that Jinx was too much bad luck!!!  Not going down without a proper fight, she single handedly destroyed city after city for resources to get to the capital. She could do this because it is very easy for her to drain all the energy of a city and blow it up.  However, that BITCH of a mob queen had done something awful. She had turned in all of her own gang!!!! LIKE WHAT THE HELL!!! And as for Jinx…. she could no longer live. Of course, she was captured by Atlas, specifically a figure who went by the name of Seren Love, who imprisoned her and tortured her for information. Though she COULD have ratted that black haired BITCH out, she decided to keep her mouth shut. “YOU’LL NEVER MAKE ME TALK!” she said stubbornly over and over, mostly because she would not ever want a little girl like that mob queen to experience what she had to go through. She was imprisoned for four years, underwent severe torture, and after a while (research backs me up on this) she eventually forgot who she was, why she was there, etc. She was terrified because she didn't know what was going to happen next other than it was going to be very painful (governments currently torture prisoners for several years so this isn't too far-fetched that Atlas would as well). She was put in a dangerous situation where they moved her to complete isolation, no lights, in an extremely cold environment where she was near death because she relies on energy to live and only occasionally let someone disposable go down to give her some energy which she only did at this point to keep herself alive. Eventually this psychological torture turned to more gruesome torture when eventually she stopped killing the people that came down (she was forgetting who she was and only drained them for some energy now) and thus it was determined that they could finally use her for something. No longer willing to fight, Mauve underwent a large transformation under a scientist known as Charon Love, sibling of the person that started this all. She became partial cyborg with detachable parts so that she can maintain a human form and connect her aura to those parts. This would mean that she could be a normal human with an energy semblance without those parts but her usual electric reliant energy self for when she was a cyborg. The process was that of 1 year.  10 more years followed and Vacuo had risen to power and established laws between the two supernations of Vacuo and Atlas to let go of illegal incarcerations. At this point, Mauve had been fine tuned into being a righteous soldier. However, the Aurealla family, specifically Rubio was sent to free prisoners and help them get back into normal life. Rubio had done so without discussion, showing that even the shady Aurella family had their morals. Rubio himself showed his morals when he noticed how Mauve was struggling psychologically and seeing her potential to be part of his unorthodox school, took her in for a decent amount of time to nurse her into health during the summer when he had less workload. Mauve in return was extremely grateful to him (I think it's good to establish at least one good relationship with Rubio but since she is so close to him this allowed her to be able to get in his way since she has a very strong sense of justice which is slight altered from her previous sense of anarchy. And this would still allow her to be Marnie's protector as she easier allowed to still get in the way of Rubio to make sure he doesn’t go out of line and I hope to get close to Marnie too I just want a unique relaitonship with Rubio) so as she recovered she began to learn her powerful semblance again and started intense training to reach professor evel.  Oh and she only was able to recover to intense therapy and is still not one hundred percent without antipsychotics. With them she is her normal self but shows extreme fear to isolation, tight spaces, darkness, and cold temperatures as well as snaps. Without them she is a complete wreck almost regressing to the way she used to be before all the torture, back to Jiinx as this is a coping mechanism to protect herself in which she becomes very violent but as she is really powerful. Rubio just keeps an eye on her to make sure she can be useful to him (but she knows he loves her (of course platonically!!!)) It didn't take her long to master her semblance in which Rubio granted her a powerful guns to add onto her cyborg parts to match. She then got into being a professor, of survival!!! Currently however, she lives alone. Deciding she didn’t need to leech after Rubio no matter how much help he’s been and he didn’t seem altered at all by it giving his usual scowl and complain that she should have done so earlier. Ahhh, that guy! Unfortunately she needs energy to live although normal can get by day to day things by harnessing the sun's energy, often all the intense things that she does means that every once and awhile she needs to a drain a city for more power to store (draining a city of all it's energy but this would affect them for a day or two).



She’s very high spirited but in an extremely positive way, energy build up would make her the kind of person that is generally cheerful, spontaneous, charming, and a person of action. of course also incorporating explosive temper and such. mostly that is what her high energy translates to. Also she has a strong sense of what is right, and wants to make changes hopefully by influencing students in some way to be morally good leaders in the future.



Professor of Survival!!! Also engineering







Advanced energy and quantum manipulation, pulling energy from any source, amplifying into it devastating attacks or just using it for practical means. She can both drain energy and put it into new sources or other uses but there are many powerful things that can be done with energy manipulation.

Future Outlook

Character Development

Plan on overcoming those nasty phobias!


Why plan so much?

Other Notes


Vi's Patch Theme Song "Here Comes Vi!" (HQ) League of Legends02:38

Vi's Patch Theme Song "Here Comes Vi!" (HQ) League of Legends


Get Jinxed - Jinx Music Video - League of Legends02:53

Get Jinxed - Jinx Music Video - League of Legends


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