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Marmalade "Marnie" Noisette is a professor for Shade Academy, played by Kory Klimczak.


STRENGTH 500 Her strength is probably greater than average for most people her age, but definitely lacking when compared to the average hunter or huntresses. 
ENDURANCE 100 Her semblance as well as aura is barely developed, and hence very weak.
PERCEPTION 1,100 In regards to lab work, her technique is practically perfect, as she carries a steady hand to ensure her aim, and remains aware of all relevant variables to make sure that nothing goes wrong. Her perception is shit in every other way though, as she’s terrible at reading people because she assumes the worst in them, and is often too preoccupied with her work and thoughts to pay attention to her surroundings despite her large mouse ears.
AGILITY 6,000 She’s very fast, both in terms of getting work done, coming to conclusions, as well as running. She runs on a regular basis, enjoying the adrenalin rush that comes with it, and loves that pain that comes with having to push yourself.
CONSITUTION 2,300 Her health is fine, she rarely gets sick. She's been trained by the cult to be very good at handling pain...
TOTAL 10,000 /10,000




Marmalade Noisette (Pronounced nwäˈzet), but Marnie for short.


Attraction, in addition to the human sex drive, is simply nature’s way of having life go on. Marnie is above all that, or at least she’d like to think she is. Of course, she’s had sex on a couple of occasions, with her body producing the expected results as well as reactions... b-but it was all in the name of science and the pursuit of knowledge; how is she supposed to study something if she doesn’t even know what it feels like for herself!


Faunus - House Mouse. She hates herself for being human, or if you’re being technical then “faunus”. Really, on a biological scale, they’re hardly any different, all of this division between the two “species” is mostly all political; a prime example of stupid, annoying, human ideations. What she’d really like to be is a Grimm! Who wouldn’t want to be such a perfect species, with their ideal form, no inefficient emotions to inhibit them! But of course, that’s impossible, she knows that she’s a human and that’s the species she’s stuck with. But maybe, just maybe, if she tries hard enough in this life, she can be reborn as a Grimm in the next...


Black Lagoon - Favorite Revy Scenes06:33

Black Lagoon - Favorite Revy Scenes

Similar pitch and tone to the clip, however definitely more nasally instead of “gruff”, and not as loud.

Body Type

Small. Like a mouse. She’s probably mistaken for a child a lot of the time, much to her irritation.


Marnie was a child prodigy, always excelling in her academics, and relying on logic to come to any conclusion. The pursuit of knowledge stems from curiosity though, leading Marnie to become curious in matters that she wasn’t exactly supposed to. Having been approached by one teacher she particularly looked up to, she was introduced to the concept of Grimm, and was greatly intrigued by what this teacher had to tell her; of course Marnie knew about Grimm prior to all this, but what the teacher had to tell her was new and interesting, things about Grimm she never heard about anywhere else! The teacher was elated by Marnie’s interest, and took her to the rest of her cult, where the rest of the members asked her intimate questions, each focusing on a specific emotion and what it was like to feel them.

“Poor child, poor human!” “That all sounds so devastating!” “Such ugly emotions! It must be so hard!” Were the kind of reactions the cult members would give to each of Marnie’s answers, of course each answer being a normal description of a human emotion and normal descriptions of emotional events, nothing out of the ordinary for a seven year old kid. The cult members sounded… genuinely sorry for her more than anything, making Marnie believe that something was really wrong with her rather than the other way around; after all how could such smart adults who knew so much about Grimm be incorrect? From then on began Marnie’s education on how the Grimm were righteous and good, which is why the Grimm sought to eliminate humans, humans being evil and humanity disgusting. As Marnie grew up with the cult, she grew an immense love for Grimm while the ideals that the cult preached promoted a deep self hatred.

Her involvement with the cult continued this way until she was fifteen, when the time had come for her to attend college, of course much earlier than all the other children as she was able to skip a few grades without problems. At this point though, it had become obvious that Menagerie simply did not have the resources she needed to achieve the accomplishments intelligence of her stature was destined for, and that she knew she needed use to expand her knowledge on Grimm and what she could do to help them thrive. The solution was obvious: to move to Vacuo, where all the lead research on Grimm was taking place! The cult was sad to see her go, but was just as equally encouraging, having high hopes for Marnie’s research and seeing it to their advantage to have a member working for them from the “inside”.

Marnie herself had certain reservations about leaving to Vacuo, knowing that she would have to collaborate with Grimm hunters and huntresses, much to her distaste, if she wanted her research to go anywhere. These worries of course ended up being just a true as she thought they would be, if not more so. Before this point, most of her hatred for humans had been focused around herself. She at least had a fondness for her fellow cult members, almost seeing them in a similar light to family, at least much more so than her birth family which she felt alienated and estranged from. But now that the cult no longer had a presence in her life to remind her that humans weren’t necessarily all bad, Marnie’s hatred for humans grew stronger and extended much beyond herself, to the point where she would barely interact with anybody unless it was necessary for her work. Her antisocial behavior got her a bad reputation within the scientific community, but she could afford it due to her impressive findings and dedication to her work.

Marnie lab coat

Soon after achieving her Ph.D., she easily landed a position at Shade Academy, the most prestigious combat school in Vacuo. There was a lot of inner turmoil over working for a combat school, a school literally created for the sole purpose of training humans to eradicate Grimm, but she knew that this was the only way she could really have access to the resources she would need to bring her research to its full potential, both in terms of equipment and money. In a way, she began to hate herself ever more for “selling out” like this, but this fucking irritating asshat of a bird named Rubio was a great distraction from all that; it’s kind of hard to focus on hating yourself when you have someone so annoying to pour your anger into instead!! >:( So far, Rubio and Marnie have had limited contact; despite Rubio being her boss he’s been easy enough to avoid as classes have had yet to begin, but that’s about to change.


Angry. Irritated. Frustrated. Annoyed. Critical. Snarky. Well, most of the time. She can have a soft spot for some people, but only if she feels like they really understand her, which so far has only been members from her cult. She’s terrible to work with because she wants, no, NEEDS everything exactly her way, but she always ends up being right anyway so it’s not like they can fire her or anything, they couldn’t afford to at any rate, she’s much too valuable of an asset to the lab! >:) Knowing this gives Marnie an inflated ego; she gets pretty haughty over it.



Marnie weapon

Marnie knew that working for a combat academy would mean she would have to have a weapon, much to her horror. It was unlikely that she’d ever have to use it, considering her position as a biologist for the academy, but just in case, she made sure her weapon would make the process of killing the Grimm in question as quick and painless (at least for her, figuring out if Grimm experienced pain was still something she was working on) as possible. She adapted a sickle that she had used in the past and still continued to use on occasion for ritualistic purposes, hoping that it also being used with the intention of dedication towards Grimm would help offset the negativity it would draw in from intentionally harming Grimm. Both the handle and blade portion can be adjusted in size using a slider on the handle, so that the sickle can be made to be the appropriate size to easily fit around the neck of a Grimm from behind. It is meant to be used with stealth in mind.


Her mouse ears are her most noticeable faunus trait, but if you pay attention, you’ll see the tip of her little mouse tail peeking out from under her lab coat. Contrary to what many believe, and what Marnie wants them to believe, this tail is not the result of her faunus genetics but is actually a product of her transformative semblance. Marnie hates having a semblance in the first place, as semblances come from aura, aura being the ooze that leaks out of the repulsive concept of the soul. But despite all her hatefulness towards having a semblance… using it has become a sort of guilty pleasure. At least being an animal can make her feel a little less human, and becoming a mouse.. It’s comforting in a way. Having a tail at all times gives her a little bit of that comfort; all these other humans are probably too idiotic to figure out why it’s really there anyway.

Had she worked on a practicing her endurance more, to hone her aura, she would probably have been able to turn into a wide variety of things, but refusal to lose her semblance had stunted its growth, so that the only thing she can turn into is a mere mouse, as well as forms in between human and mouse. She has only turned into the “in between” forms two or three times her whole life thus far though, purely for experimental purposes of course, and maybe even for fun as a kid before her involvement with the cult.

Future Outlook

Career Development

Marnie should eventually learn more about her cults true intentions in a future plot, causing somewhat of an internal crisis as she severely reevaluates her ideologies and belief. Hopefully she’ll find people she can connect with at Shade; of course Marnie herself doesn’t wish for this, but she might grow to like it once it actually happens. 

Intended Career

She already has her dream job.


Discover more about Grimm both through lab analysis and field work. She’s especially looking forward to getting to observe and even interact with Grimm in the wild; this was something promised to her by Shade as she was receiving her job. She hasn’t gotten to do this much in the past, as the college she graduated from was not a combat school, and hence was not able to provide qualified hunters to act as bodyguards as protection from the Grimm that would be studied.


Season 0.5

BST 4-1

Pest Problem - 150 EXP

  • Gets hired by Rubio

A Light Adventure - 75 EXP

  • Is assigned a Crystal 01

Season 1

AST 1-???

You Will Be Required to Adapt - 225 EXP

  • Marnie assists Rubio with testing, but is also made to believe that she is being fired



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