[NOT YET INTRODUCED] Luxuria is a miscellaneous character, played by [not yet decided]


STRENGTH 2,000 She is incredibly strong able to easily carry the rope wrapped around her waist and can battle with ease.
ENDURANCE 2,000 Her semblance, although powerful as the snakes are very strong themselves, are just limited to snakes.
PERCEPTION 100 She does not fare well in aim.
AGILITY 100 She is not particularly fast.
CONSTITUTION 800 As she can’t dodge particularly well, she makes up with higher defense.
TOTAL 5,000 /10,000



Luxuria. “Lust” in latin, called “Deluxe” by her best friend, also I choose blue for her color, because there is a huge mix on what color is associated with lust, either red or blue so I decided to combine the two.


Lesbian, but will have sex with anyone for religious reasons!


A snake faunus, with venomous fangs and snake incantation abilities.



She has sturdy rope tied around her body that can be used to attack and cut individuals. It’s very heavy however.


She has the ability to turn rope, as long as it’s blessed by her standards, into snake. This illusion spell serves to frighten opponents and finds it to be a very effective convincing tactic. Her crystal which is on her forehead draws power from holiness, religious practice which in her case also involves sex therefore she goes to Avaritia often to make her body function properly for sexual purposes. Although she attempts to seduce her mistresses in a three way, they won’t have it. Oh well, she’ll get them eventually~



She was venerated as some sort of priestess figure by everyone as she was closest to the vampire master (father of Vanagloria) and seemed to communicate his wishes extremely well, often leading most of the dirty work. Many were attracted to her since she was more foreign as the rest were Caucasian. She basked in glorious holy gifts and lead the town in worship. Even though she didn’t really like the change in power, or dying for that matter, she felt more “holy” to be transcending death in such a way. She feels rather lonely in her new religious practices, often trying to get her best friend, a cow faunus who has also been given life again. But instead they just seem to share drinks and have fun that way. She leaves town occasionally with her friend to spread her religious practices and can sometimes gather a few followers to convert. She also brings back some amount of technology and runs a blog for her cult, planning eventually to spread this new crystal race across the globe. But that’s for later.


She is a rather enchanting snake and as a result is extremely convincing. She is rather religious, performing rituals often and considers herself and her fellow dead maidens to be extremely holy. She finds sex to be a holy act and performs it readily with her followers.

Future Outlook

Intended Career

She plans on leading the world religiously.

Character Development

She plans on converting normal humans and faunus into dead crystals as they are superior, not needing food but only one type of source of energy and can be immortal.


Most of her goals involve world religious domination. But she often thinks of her cow faunus friend and how they would be a nice couple. They don’t talk about it though.