An Asian mix cutie enters the scene who appears to be very black and white, literally. His name is Shiro and he attracts Nur's instant attention. His small amount of nervousness and confusion is just so cute! Not to mention those eyes… Nur’s flirts end up in Shiro feeling a little flustered and a couple of other students who are around express their annoyance at Nur’s idioticness, explaining to Shiro that this was just a typical asshole who didn’t care about anyone and just messed around with people. This isn’t true but Nur isn’t given a chance to react as Neela takes control but only momentarily, when Nur returns he moves into Shiro for a kiss. Only to have one of SHIRO’S headmates pop out, and this one means business!

EXP Awarded

Shiro Schwarz - 120 EXP (This is Shiro’s entrance to the school. He is shown to be nervous and somewhat flustered easily. It seems he’s the shy kind of guy and does not offer too much information about his system other than Inay appearing to cause some trouble, but this is all done in a very smart way.)

Neeru Nehanth (Nur) (Neela) - 50 EXP (A bit of drama occurs in this roleplay and despite Nur being a much better person about hurting people, people generally still don’t really like having him around. Nur wants to just have fun and finds this guy to be really cute. He is very interested in him, more so when he learns that he also has a multiple personality thing going! Neela appears momentarily and acts like his usual self, kind of apologetic if he caused any harm and generally unmindful.)


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