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Where it all starts, is with Kory Klimczak-Simul. Kory is the actual official creator of the entire group from its first origins, the system, the RPBY way, and EVERBPY’s personal style and involvement. Always one to express their characters to perfection has truly come a long way in paving the road that RPBY members follow and create all the buildings around.

Backstory (RPBY)

While Kory may not have been involved with the initial pilot group, RWBY: The Second Great War’s (TSGW), creation, Kory did get involved sometime during it’s beginning by introducing the iconic Cerise Moani, mascot for RPBY. In a sense, Cerise began the whole process for RPBY to occur. If Cerise was not the way he was, there probably just wouldn’t have been a RPBY. This is because even though the universe he was put into was strictly RWBY (American cartoon show - Japanese anime based), he was approved for being a florus (human-plant hybrid similar to the “faunus” human-animal hybrid concept of RWBY) due to exceptional carrying out of interest and intricacy/explanation in the template. Even though the approval was controversial for some members and outside sources evaluating that group at the time, administration in the group was somewhat light back then which allowed for Cerise to be planted into the ground and begin to grow.

Kory’s involvement with Cerise even though the majority of roleplays in general in TSGW were light and one-liner in style, established the concept of an integral theme to RPBY now, character development. With Kory taking extra time to write out exceptionally good responses, the character itself underwent development from scenario to scenario like an actual literary character. This concept piqued interest for some members one way or another with some highly drawn and attaching to it such as Kory’s spouse, Nef, who after some time also underwent changes on roleplaying style based on the base Kory provided, Arthur (Kat), Thaddeus (Thad), among others. Even TSGW members who were strictly part of that group which would later become RWBY: The New Beginning (TNB) were drawn in different ways to the seductive florus.

Things actually happened around Cerise, he brought a feeling that roleplays were important due to results and events. Soon during this process, actual events were thought up by soon-to-be RPBY members and thus, a system of plot based roleplay was born.

Immature still and needing to be fleshed out after it became a little more obvious, Kory alongside their supporting admins tried hard to work out details on how this would work in a way that’d work for everyone who roleplays lightly or heavily. With player’s best interest in mind but communication errors, confusion led to aggression, betrayal, and eventual separation of the two groups.

However, Kory continued to now officially pave the way for RPBY members to be safe in an environment that would come to foster a unique intersection of personal relationships and heavy, literate and organizedly/creatively expanding roleplay.


Kory now has many jobs and a bit of work from school to focus on, which often creates stress about organizing, administering, or just general involvement with roleplays for the most part. Those in RPBY try to love and appreciate them as much as possible but with Kory mostly opting to come in during important moments, it’s a little difficult to give them all the emotional attention they more than deserve. Even without Kory, the group has stood extremely successful in its organization with members now able to keep each other up or support one another due to its self sufficiency which Kory has greatly influence the establishment thereof. Although RPBY itself has evolved even further than the official group’s own creation, it’s done so in a way that could only have been progressionally possible from the very strong base provided by Kory.

For now, Kory roleplays two Cerise characters and a professor and has one of the lowest character counts of the group but makes up for it with intense quality that is near unsurpassable in detail/minute detail/quirks/written style/ease of readiness/etc.

Relationships <3

  1. Nef Amata Simul - Spouse
  2. Arthur - :(
  3. Birdy Leisenswig (Silver) - Sibling
  4. Tanya Araceli Escobar – Family by Marriage/Light Indirect Friendship
  5. Zack Buttling – Love Rival

Power to the Player



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