Khephera Nefertiti "Kep" is a miscellaneous character played by Nef Amata Simul.

Kep's Color


TOTAL /10,000



Khephera Nefertiti “Kep” (Khephera meaning morning sun, also Kep is short for another type of Egyptian golden jewelry)


Genderfluid DMAB (Usually his gender is a beautiful woman) he/him/his pronouns since he can't correct for when he wants she/her/hers or other pronouns but wants to someday be able to correct for she/her/hers


Highly sexual but money will have a bigger say in who “he's attracted to”. He has a soft spot for Europeans and pale skin. He loves proving people wrong about their sexuality (ie a customer comes into the brothel wanting a woman and he comes up instead. The customer at first asks for a woman but completely forgets about it as Kep seduces the customer easily. His motto is that there is no such thing in sexuality, only pleasure.)


No voice. He is unable to speak other than making high pitched chirp noises which are not sexy so he doesn't do it unless he's extremely mad and can't control himself. His inability to speak is psychological based on trauma but he communicates well in other ways, using his body of course~


Trauma in his past rid him of his voice. He found a home in the Vacutian sex industry and has been the mascot ever sense, quite proud of which. 


Slightly full of himself, easily huffy, seductive, soft, a little airheaded sometimes because he is limited in knowledge of how life works, naturally submissive but this adds a nice aesthetic for some situations in his work. Otherwise he makes himself appear brimming with confidence, talent, and grace. When he loses his memories as a result of Cerulean who will effectively destroy this positive sex industry in an attempt to “save” Kep and everyone else “trapped” in the market (actually this will destroy many lives and cause immense amount of crime), he will be shyer but mostly out of confusion. He often pouts



No weapon, he had never planned to enter combat in his entire life. He may have some toys though...


Future Outlook

Character Development

Intended Career



Season 0.5


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