Keeping up with his “word”, Syn among with a few other students battle with the two scared “Grimm-infested” boys to keep them calm while the time and space benders go to work at “curing them”. No one really understands what is happening, but apparently it works? Honestly, it’s more of a sugar pill, but hey, time and space isn’t really your cup of tea.

EXP Awarded

Cole Tarnung - 120 EXP (He's cured! It takes quite a bit of wrestling to get to this point...)

Royce Cruger - 120 EXP (Also "cured".)

Syn - 115 EXP (Having a lot of fun by confusing the hell out of everyone with all these time-space terms and abstract nonsense, Syn ends up effectively curing Cole and Royce after all, even if it was all just a game.)

Grim Ceifeiro - 50 EXP (Grim is barely there, follows along with what Syn “instructs” it to do, shows that this is odd even for Grim, but doesn’t question anything because it’s too depressed.)

Auric Halcyon - 20 EXP (Does as Syn instructs confusedly.)

Yín Arstat - 15 EXP (She mostly observes the event.)


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