Legends tell of a great prison, where the divine would imprison their greatest, most powerful foes. Exact natures of this prison vary; some accounts say it is simply a bottomless pit, while others claim it is an endless hellscape.

However, all accounts seem to agree that this prison is inescapable by all beings, its exact location is unknown, being sent there is a fate worse than death, and that it is called Incarceron.

Some accounts say that Incarceron is the spawn of Earth and World, though others say it simply came into existence along with the primordial gods. The truth remains unknown. Legends also say that several of the Geth and Othryds were imprisoned there, though not all of them, which means some could still roam Ora.

Although it is not confirmed, it is also theorized and rumored that certain deities reside in Incarceron, though this remains a theory.

Though details on the exact nature of this great prison remain unclear, one thing is for sure: you don't want to wind up there, under any and all circumstances.

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