Syn begins to gather up some students for the end of his “play”. Because of Cole, everyone is believing that Cole and Royce are infected with some Grimm parasite. That’s not all true, however, it’s mostly just psychological damage from weird things happening during the Grimm infiltration. Syn’s just having a bit of fun with this is all, making them believe there is a parasite that’s he’s going to destroy because he’s a “good guy”. Grim is mostly just confused by this whole ordeal and is going along, at this point, it knows that it’s in love with Cole the way he is when he’s under control by this “parasite” and having Syn “destroy” it will mean that the Cole it loves will be gone to. Therefore this is really difficult for Grim as it mostly just tries to detach itself emotionally and hangs around gloomily.

EXP Awarded

Cole Tarnung - 100 EXP (Continues with the Grimm parasite facade.)

Grim Ceifeiro - 100 EXP (Grim is participating in the events minimally, acting slightly out of character and when not, just being gloomy. This shows an immense amount of emotional conflict and handling of loss on Grim’s part that it just doesn’t know what to do.)

Royce Cruger - 100 EXP (He believes he could be a monster.)

Syn - 100 EXP (Syn’s plans are brought to complete light, but why he wants to be seen as “good” is rather confusing to determine if he genuinely wants to be a good person and help Royce and Cole or if he just plans on betraying everyone later.)


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