Mei Ming has had it. She is in constant emotional turmoil because of her involvement with Gwen, she wanted to become someone good, a leader for the future, not a freaky murderer! She can’t handle it anymore and decides to rat the both of them out to the headmaster of Beacon. The headmaster, with a troubling and manipulative past herself, is quick to believe and forgive Mei Ming, having had her suspicions confirmed about Gwen. Her husband, a fellow professor, however is unconvinced, saying that people like Mei Ming are manipulative liars who don’t change. The headmaster becomes hurt, believing that her husband was perhaps suggesting something about herself who had a similar past to that of Mei Ming’s. Heartbroken, she does not look further into the matter and Gwen is off the hook for now.

EXP Awarded

Mei Ming - 115 EXP (Mei Ming attempted to reform, but isn’t believed in which all chances of her actually changing anytime soon are crushed.)

Yín Arstat - 115 EXP (Yín displays quick sympathy towards Mei Ming, but both are crushed by Sol.)

Sol Aurella - 100 EXP (Sol asserts himself as the head decision maker in this circumstance, as he has clear power over Yín and therefore the school.)


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