[NOT YET INTRODUCED] Gula is a miscellaneous character, played by [not yet decided].


STRENGTH 1,500 She can pack an extremely powerful punch.
ENDURANCE 50 Her semblance is more of a one use only kind of thing.
PERCEPTION 50 She rarely requires to aim.
AGILITY 1,500 Unfortunately she’s a little too heavy to be very fast, but can balance her bowl EXTREMELY well.
CONSTITUTION 1,000 Tough is her middle name!
TOTAL 5,000 /10,000



Gula. “Gluttony” in Latin, associated with the color orange.


A cow faunus with three stomachs and four breasts.


Gula and her family have always run the brewery. Beer, wine, sake, you name. Their motto was “Not a drop!” meaning that the drinks were so good, you couldn’t even leave a drop of it behind! She has always honestly been on the sadistic side, not really caring too much about the whole religious practice here but mostly just loving to see all the blood shows. When things changed and she became dead, she found it very entertaining and hopes to see more suffering in the future. She likes to have fun in a normal way too though, getting her and her best friend drunk occasionally (they often went to Ava for more “living” qualities to get them drunk). She was always going on about this new religion of hers, but Gula didn’t really care too much about her religious practices. Of course she encouraged and supported her friend, but all she wanted was to see people get tortured and mutilated.


A bit rowdy with a tough personality. She’s more of a “punch first ask questions later kind of person too”. Oddly, she’s very neat and organized, knowing how to make the best mixtures and how to brew in the most beautiful and savory way. The girls all enjoy her drinks and she travels with Luxy often to spread her brand while she does religious stuff. She is also a bit crude and insensitive, not particularly considerate and far from empathetic. She has a horribly thick head.



No formal education aside from family brewing practice.



A bowl with a yellow star on it is used as a slight boomerang and shield. She can be a show off at times and is often seen balancing it full on her “horn” or balancing it full while in battle and still using it as a weapon without letting a single drop of alcohol fall.


Her crystal protrudes her head and she puts a cone over it to protect it. Her crystal requires alcohol to fuel it but cannot get drunk without the help of Ava. Her semblance is a little less involving, a super powerful punch that needs to be charged.

Future Outlook

Intended Career

Renowned brewer

Character Development

A plan for her to become virtuous is not established yet, but she has the potential to become compassionate.


Her goal is to establish her brand across Remnant, but doesn’t feel confident enough in her abilities yet to do that. She is also having a bit of fun right now and is just waiting for them to get bored so they can move onto the next thing.