Nur’s playing around results in a misunderstanding of consent to sex, before he knows it however, he’s taken to a room by Cerise in which he begins to completely dissociate. Though his reactions, expressions, and actions could be definitely be interpreted as conscious and encouraging consent, he is actually completely on autopilot with little awareness of his actions. Once the spell wears off, he again attempts to stop in a way that only encourages it more, never once truly saying “no”, “stop”, or giving any other indication to end the encounter. Switching back to Neela, there was immediate distress that resulted in confusion and an abrupt end.

RP Repository Summary: Cerise meets Jade outside of the infirmary when Nur takes him there to get his concussion checked out.

Jade doesn't respond much to Cerise's flirting, but is clearly upset with the way he flirts with Nur. Nur and Cerise have sex 

EXP Awarded

Neeru Nehanth (Nur) (Neela) - 200 EXP (This is the first time Neeru has had sex with anyone or experienced any sexual with anyone in his entire life excluding rape from his childhood. It demonstrates indirectly what kind of impact sex has mentally on him, how his body functions during dissociation, and what he does internally to overcome distressing or traumatic situations.)

Cerise Moani - 125 EXP (Despite the encounter stemming from misunderstanding and lack of the level of communication necessary for the kind of people that Neeru are, it is further expanded how Cerise operates in regards to sex, something that is integral for him.)


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