Neela searches Cerise out to comfort him. One thing leads to another and physical attention increases to a more sexual level. Attraction heavily in the equation and with complete awareness and communication, it leads to a more intimate sexual encounter that both are comfortable with. Nur even ended up fully enjoying it despite playing around a bit.

RP Repository Summary:

(No public RP for this, but it happened in a private RP) Neela comforts Cerise, finding him in the garden and rubbing his back. Cerise greatly appreciates this, especially after having had so much hostility from everyone else so far. The physical comfort escalates though, and they have sex  Neela and Nur are completely mentally present for it this time; it's completely consensual.

EXP Awarded

Neeru Nehanth (Nur) (Neela) - 140 EXP (Though Neeru are not a virgin, this is the first time they had sex with someone because they wanted to and it really opened up their views from there.)

Cerise Moani - 120 EXP (This comforting and sexual encounter completely mended the relationship between Cerise and Neela and allowed for them to grow as lovers now with the established level of comfort, understanding, and communication. One of Cerise’s first happiest roleplays, he was able to talk about his feelings and feel appreciated and understood, reassured enough to stay at Beacon.)


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