Fate Keepers are those whose semblance affects the fate of another individual. There are only three Fate Keepers at a time as each category is tied to a particular semblance and no other may take that role until the previous Keeper passes away. Fate Keepers are limited by several factors depending on the Keeper’s category and their race.


Fate Keepers are characterized by their almost albino appearance and eye color that match their auras. They also have unique markings located depending in the category they fall into. They are all have a unique connection to one another that allows them to know when they are close to another Fate Keeper and to know the true identity of a Fate Keeper if they used an alias. Any species is capable of being a Fate Keeper.

Category of Fate Keepers

There are three categories that Fate Keepers fall into, depending on their semblance.


Editors are capable of accessing an individual's Book of Fate and editing the path and the fate that is written within.

Known Editors

Destiny Ashnah


Authors are similar to Editors except they have no limits as to what they may change and are capable of completely rewriting one’s fate, creating a new one all together, even if they do not alter the path that person is on.

Known Authors

Chartreuse Ashnah


Puppeteers are capable of controlling living things through Fate Threads. This allows them to alter an individual’s fate by what path they walk, even against said individual’s will. They cannot control other Keepers or interfere with their actions.

Known Puppeteers

Carmine Vigdis


There is a legend that says that if one Keeper manages to obtain the abilities of the remaining two, they will be known what is called the Storyteller. The Storyteller takes on many forms depending on the role the Keeper plays and is the only one capable of wielding all abilities of the Keepers. A Keeper may obtain the abilities of the others depending on the purpose they intended to use the abilities for. If they intend to use the powers of evil, they must break the other Keepers. If the intended use is pure of heart, then the Keeper must have formed a total of seven strong bonds within their lifespan and grasped the connection fate has with life and the limitations of every Keeper. Taking the form of Storyteller is said to be merely temporary unless only one Keeper remains alive.

Choosing a Keeper

If a Keeper dies, their ability awaits for either someone capable and worthy is born. If another Keeper has a child born the same time as other worthy candidates, they are more likely to receive the unclaimed ability due to their bloodline.

Rare Occurrences

It is rare for one bloodline to have possession of all three Keeper abilities. Even rarer is that the ability acts as a Keeper’s semblance.

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